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Impromptu Winetasting with Alexander Jung, Weingut Jakob Jung, Erbach, Rheingau, Germany

Pictures: Annett and Christian G.E. Schiller with Alexander Jung

On the German Wine and Culture Tour 2013 by ombiasy, participants met a number of outstanding winemakers, including Clemens Busch, Ernst Loosen, Helmut Doennhoff and Klaus Peter Kuehn. All these tastings were planned months in advance. One tasting that was unexpected, but turned out to be one of the best tastings of the whole tour, was an impromptu tasting with up and coming winemaker Alexander Jung at his wine booth in Erbach in the Rheingau, on the banks of the Rhine River.

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Most of the German wine villages have a booth where during the summer season on weekends one of their winemakers pours his or her wine. When we were in Erbach in September it was the turn of Weingut Jakob Jung, a member of the VDP, the association of about 200 German elite winemakers and I noticed this when we drove into Erbach. When I checked at the wine booth, Alexander Jung was even there … and it was a slow evening. Since we had nothing on the program for that evening, the group decided to accept the offer of Alexander Jung and to come back after dinner for a tasting. It turned out to be a most enjoyable tasting.

Picture: At the Tasting

Weingut Jakob Jung

The winery is in Erbach in the Rheingau. The winery has been in family ownership since 1799. After the early death of his father in 1969, Ludwig Jung had to take charge at the early age of 18, while had the same time doing his studies. Five years later, in 1974, he became fully responsible for the winery. In 2007, he passed ownership and main responsibility on to his son Alexander Johannes, after he had successfully graduated from Geisenheim College (and internships in Baden and South Africa). Today, Ludwig still takes the lead in the vineyard, while Alexander takes the lead in the wine cellar and has overall responsibility.

Pictures: Weingut Jakob Jung in Erbach

The vineyard area now totals 14 hectares which is quite a bit up from when Ludwig took over. The new acquisitions also include a 250 year old stone cellar, with a total length of 110 meters, which is eight meters below the earth and which offers ideal conditions for aging and storing the wines.

The Grosse Lage (Grand Cru) vineyards are Hohenrain, Siegelsberg, Michelmark and Steinmorgen. Overall, Riesling accounts for 4/5 with the remainder being Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer.

Weingut Jakob Jung is a member of the VDP.

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At Weingut Jakob Jung in Erbach, Rheingau, with Winemaker Alexander Johannes Jung, Germany

The Wines

Alexander Johannes Jung poured the following wines. I am also adding winemaker notes (in German).

Pictures: At the Tasting

2012 Jung Sauvignon Blanc trocken

Wenn man beim Riesling nicht auf Dichte, sondern auf Leichtigkeit geht, dann kommt im besten Falle dieses hier dabei heraus: Ein Sommerwein par excellence! Euro 10.90

2012 Erbach Steinmorgen Riesling Kabinett trocken

Der feingliedrige Kabinett überrascht mit seiner Vielschichtigkeit und einer ausgewogenen Mineralität.Euro 8.40

2012 Erbach Hohenrain Riesling Alte Reben trocken

Dies ist eine hochwertige Spätlese aus den Trauben 40 Jahre alter Rieslingreben, extraktreich, vielschichtig mit schier unendlichem Abgang. Euro 11.90

2011 Erbach Hohenrain Riesling Grosses Gewaechs

Ein königliches Großes Gewächs aus einer der besten Lagen im Rheingau. Schmelzig, reif und würzig mit einem langen Nachhall, so wie ein Spitzen-Riesling sein sollte. Euro 19.40

2012 Erbach Michelmark Riesling Kabinett

Der Geschmack von Weinbergpfirsich ist beim Erbacher Michelmark sehr präsent: cremig und fein zugleich. Euro 8.40

2011 Erbach Michelmark Riesling Spaetlese

Aus einer unserer Spitzenlagen kommt diese druckvolle Spätlese aus einem sehr guten Jahr. Mineralität gepaart mit feiner Fruchtsüße. Euro 10.40

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