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Weingut Franz Keller in Oberbergen, Kaiserstuhl, Baden: Cellar Tour and Tasting with Fritz Keller – Germany-South Wine Tour by ombiasy (2014)

Picture: Annette Schiller and Fritz Keller

During the Germany-South Wine Tour by ombiasy (2014), we had two long luncheons at 1 star Michelin restaurants: at Röttele's Restaurant im Schloss Neuweier in Neuweier and at the legendary Restaurant Schwarzer Adler of Fritz Keller in Oberbergen. As to the former, I have already reported about the spectacular luncheon cum winetasting here:

Before the luncheon at Restaurant Schwarzer Adler in Oberbergen, we joined Fritz Keller at his new winery, where he showed us around and treated us to a tasting that included 10 wines, compared with the 4 wines that had been planned. This posting focuses on Weingut Franz Keller and the tasting with Fritz Keller. A posting covering the luncheon at Restaurant Schwarzer Adler will follow.

Picture: Lunch at Restaurant Schwarzer Adler, with Bettina Keller

Fritz Keller showed us his new winery and then led a tasting of his wines. Following the tasting, he took us to the Restaurant Schwarzer Adler, where we also met his wife Bettina Keller and had a fabulous luncheon.

Picture: The New Winery of Weingut Franz Keller Winery

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The Fritz Keller Empire

The founder of the Keller Empire is the late Franz Keller. Franz Keller (1927 – 2007) probably was Germany’s most important early proponent of fully-fermented, dry wines and the use of barriques. He had 2 sons. One of them – Franz Keller - was initially the Chef of Restaurant Schwarzer Adler, but eventually moved to Hattenheim in the Rheingau, where he is the owner and chef at the Adlerwirtschaft. The other one – Fritz Keller – took over from his father in the 1980s and expanded the empire further.

Pictures: Fritz Keller Welcoming us

Today, the Keller empire comprises a luxury hotel (Hotel Schwarzer Adler in Oberbergen), 3 restaurants (the Michelin starred Schwarzer Adler, the more basic Rebstock, just across the street, and the KellerWirtschaft, which is part of the new winery), a fine wine trading company, focusing on Bordeaux and Bourgogne, Weingut Franz Keller (recently joined the VDP, the association of about 200 elite winemakers in Germany) and the Edition Fritz Keller project, a very successful trademark wine project with the discount chain Aldi.

Fritz Keller, in addition to his activity as winemaker, wine trader and restaurateur, is also president of the German football club SC Freiburg.

Picture: Winery Tour - Bumping into Friedrich Keller, the Next Generation

Weingut Franz Keller

With the Keller family everything started with producing and offering outstanding food. Franz and his wife Irma were among the first generation of chefs to start the German revolution in the kitchen more than 50 years ago. In 1969 Franz and Irma Keller and their restaurant Schwarze Adler were awarded one Michelin star. For Franz Keller, the central idea of winemaking was to produce top quality wines that perfectly accompanied the creations in the kitchen. The current generation, Fritz and Bettina Keller have brought the winery to a new level. They just finished construction of a brand new winery that is an architectural landmark, beautifully integrated in the landscape. Their efforts to produce top wines, among them stunning Pinot Noirs, were acknowledged by their selection as new member of the VDP in 2013.

Pictures: Fritz Keller Explaining the Vineyards

Fritz Keller: Initially, everything revolved around gastronomy for the Kellers. To make wines that partner food perfectly has thus always been central to their winemaking. In vineyard and winery, just as in the kitchens of the restaurants, the greatest attention is paid to the raw materials. Only grapes of a select quality – this is our conviction – can go on to develop their own character which speaks of the terroir and the estate.

Trading in Fine Wine

Fritz Keller: Trading in fine wines has been a tradition of more than 100 years in the Keller family. To this day, the focus is on the great wines of Bordeaux and Burgundy: a unique portfolio unequalled in quality and breadth encompassing wines from the most prestigious vineyards and chateaux, completed by selected wines from other European and New World regions.

Pictures: In the Cellar

Edition Fritz Keller

Edition Fritz Keller is a highly successful collaboration of Fritz Keller with Aldi, Germany's legendary discount food retailer. Under the brand name Edition Fritz Keller, he initially (in 2007) produced a Pinot Noir and a Pinot Blanc from Baden, contracting with a great many smaller growers of the region for grapes. In this quest to bring top-quality wine to as many people as possible, Fritz has, as the back label pompously informs us, found inspiration in the "Bauhaus" school of architecture and art. The portfolio has now expanded to more than half a dozen wines.

Pictures: Tasting with Fritz Keller

The Wines Fritz Keller Poured

2013 Franz Keller Pinot Blanc VDP.Gutswein Euro 9,50
2013 Franz Keller Pinot Gris VDP.Gutswein Euro 9,50
2013 Oberbergener Pulverbuck, Weisburgunder VDP.Este Lage Euro 16,00
2013 Oberbergener Bassgeige “Vum Kähner”, Grauburgunder VDP.Erste Lage Euro 16,00
2012 Franz Keller Pinot Noir VDP.Gutswein Euro 11,00
2012 Franz Anton Pinot Noir Euro 20,00
2013 Oberbergener Bassgeige “Im Leh”, Weissburgunder VDP.Grosse Lage GG Euro 34,00
2013 Kirchberger Chardonnay A VDP.Grosse Lage GG Euro 34,00
2012 Spätburgunder A Euro 45,00

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