Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hochheim's Erstes Gewaechs Wines of 2008

Picture: Producers of Erstes Gewaechs Wines in Hochheim from left to right: Josef Schaefer, Thorsten Dienst (Dorotheenhof), Pia Rosenkranz (Rebenhof), Verkaufsleiter Weingut Kuenstler, Emmerich Himmel, Franz Werner Michel (Domdechant Werner)--- Photo from Luettges.

In a Blog posting of September 27, 2009, I reviewed the new concepts of Erste Lage, Erstes Gewaechs and Grosses Gewaechs that wine lovers will find more and more on the labels of German wines.

In another posting, I discussed the 2007 Grosses/Erstes Gewaechs Wines of the VDP wine estates that were presented to the General Public in Wiesbaden a couple of weekends ago.

But not only VDP wine estates can produce these top wines. All wine estates can do this as long as they own a vineyard that has been classified as Erste Lage. As far as the Rheingau is concerned, the Rheingau Winemaker Association presented their Erstes Gewaechs wines at the same time. Remember, Erstes Gewaechs wines are in terms of sugar level at harvest at least at the Spaetlese level, but always dry, and the grapes are grown on exceptional (Erste Lage) soil.

Six wine estates from Hochheim, of which two are VDP members, had Erstes Gewaechs wines to present. These comprised 2008 Riesling and 2007 Spaetburgunder wines. Here are these outstanding wines (in alphabetical order):

2008 Hochheimer Kirchenstück and Hochheimer Domdechaney (Domdechant Werner’sches Weingut)

2008 Hochheimer Hölle (Weingut Dorotheenhof)

2008 Hochheimer Kirchenstück (Weingut Himmel)

2008 Hochheimer Kirchenstück, 2008 Hochheimer Hölle, 2007 Hochheimer Reichestal Spätburgunder (Weingut Künstler)

2008 Hochheimer Hölle (Weingut Rebenhof)

2008 Hochheimer Hölle (Weingut W.J. Schäfer)

The prices for these wines range between 12,00 € and 36,50 € for Riesling wines ex winery and between 22,50 € und 42.20 € for the Spaetburgunder.

You find a nice write-up by the Secretary of the Weinfreundeskreis Hochheim, J. Luettges, about this event in the Hochheimer Zeitung, but they charge for it. You can also get a copy from Mr. Luettges through me, I guess.

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