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2014 Weinboerse in Mainz – The VDP Producers of the 2014 ombiasy Germany North Tour

Picture: Two German Wine Giants: Wilhelm Weil, Weingut Weil, and Armin Diel, Schlossgut Diel, at the 2014 Weinboerse in Mainz, Germany

The VDP.Weinboerse is an annual 2-day event in Mainz, Germany. It is the first comprehensive presentation by the VDP, the association of about 200 German elite winemakers, of the white wines of the new vintage, for trade, restaurants and press only. This year about 175 VDP producers were on hand to present more than 1500 wines. Some 3200 professionals from all over the world attended.

Pictures: 2014 Weinboerse  in Mainz (Photo below: Markus Budai)

The VDP Producers of the 2014 ombiasy Tour Germany North

With the 2 German wine tours coming up later in the year, I focused on those winemakers that we will visit in September 2014. In this posting, I confine myself to the winemakers of the ombiasy Tour Germany North.

Picture: Christian G.E. Schiller and the team of Weinhaus Bluhm, Mainz, where we will also have a tasting, see: see: Weinhaus Bluhm in Mainz: A Cosy and Basic Wine Tavern Serving World Class Wines from Germany

Quintessential German Whites (Germany-North)

From September 04 – September 13, 2014, we will explore six (Saale-Unstrut, Franken, Rheingau, northern Rheinhessen, Mosel, Nahe) German wine regions with visits to 19 top wineries and cultural gems. We will get intimate insights into a selection of Germany’s best of the best wineries, normally closed to visitors. A cruise on the romantic Rhine River with its castle- and vine-ribboned banks, the Mosel valley with its dizzying steep vineyards, delving into 2000 years of history, and tasting first class wines under the guidance of great winemakers will be among the highlights. Special treats include wine pairing lunches and dinners with the owners and winemakers at prominent estates.

See here for more on the tour:
Quintessential German Whites (Germany-North)

See here for the Germany-South tour:
2014 Weinboerse in Mainz – The VDP Producers of the 2014 ombiasy German South Tour

The tour follows the 2013 German Wine and Culture Tour by ombiasy, with the Franken region added, the Mosel Valley portion extended and the Pfalz region deleted (and included in the Sun-kissed German South Tour) and includes the following wineries:

Weingut Pawis

Although a VDP member, Weingut Pawis did not show its wines at the 2014 Weinboerse.

Weingut Gussek

Not a VDP member.

Weingut Kloster Pforta

Not a VDP member.

Weingut Juliusspital

Weingut Juliusspital showed 11 wines. My favorites were:

2013 Iphoefer Kronsberg, Silvaner trocken, VDP.Erste Lage
2012 Stein Wuerzburg, Silvaner GG, VDP.Grosse Lage
2012 Wuerzburger Pfaffenberg, Spaetburgunder trocken, Fassprobe, VDP.Erste Lage

Picture: Weingut Juliusspital

Weingut Bickel-Stumpf

Weingut Bickel-Stumpg showed 6 wines. When I tasted them, co-owner Melanie Stumpf, who will host us in September, poured the wines. My favorites were:

2013 TWENTYSIX, VDP.Gutswein
2013 Frickenhaeuser Kappellenberg, Fraenkischer Gemischter Satz trocken, VDP.Erste Lage
2013 Frickenhaeuser Kappellenberg, Silvaner trocken, VDP.Erste Lage

Picture: Melanie Stumpf (Expecting!)

Weingut Robert Weil

Weingut Robert Weil, one of the leading Riesling producers in the world, showed an impressive line-up of 12 wines, ranging from a 2013 Riesling trocken, VDP.Gutswein, to a 2013 Graefenberg Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese, VDP.Grosse Lage. Wilhelm Weil himself poured the wines, assisted by his team.

Pictures: Weingut Robert Weil

Weingut Kloster Eberbach

The Hessischen Staatsweingueter Kloster Eberbach schowed 15 wines, ranging from a 2011 Assmannshaeuser Hoellenberg Spaetburgunder trocken to a 2012 Berg Schlossberg Riesling GG, VDP.Grosse Lage.

Weingut Thoerle

Not a VDP member.

Weingut Kuehling-Gillot 

Weingut Kuehling-Gillot showed 8 wines. The winemaker couple H.O. Spanier and Caroline Spanier-Gillot poured the wines together, for their two estates Kuehling-Gillot and Battenfeld-Spanier. In September, we will be hosted by senior boss Roland Gillot. My favorites were:

2013 Gemischter Satz, Gewuerztraminer and Riesling trocken, VDP.Gutswein
2013 Qvinterra, Scheurebe trocken, VDP.Gutswein
2013 Rothenberg, Riesling Auslese, VDP.Grosse Lage

Picture: H.O.Spanier and Frank Schubert

Weingut Kuenstler

Weingut Kuenstler showed 13 wines. Gunter Kuenstler poured the wines, assisted by his team, including Gregor Breuer, who will host us in September. My favorites were:

2012 Kichenstueck Riesling GG, VDP.Grosse Lage
2011 Reichestal Spaetburgunder GG, VDP.Grosse Lage
2013 Riesling trocken, VDP.Ortswein

Pictures: Gunter Kuenstler and Gregor Breuer

Weingut Peter Jakob Kuehn

Weingut Peter Jakob Kuehn showed 10 wines. Peter Jakob Kuehn wines are Demeter-certified. Peter Jakob, Angela (who will probably host us in September) and Bernhard Kuehn poured the wines. My favorites were:

2013 Jacobus Riesling trocken, VDP.Gutswein
2012 Doosberg Riesling GG, VDP.Grosse Lage
2013 Lenchen Riesling Auslese, VDP.Grosse Lage

Picture: Peter Jakob, Angela and Benrhard Kuehn - Angela Kuehn resting with Agnes Hasselbach, Weingut Gunderloch

Weingut Clemens Busch

Weingut Clemens Busch showed 6 wines. Clemens Busch poured the wines with his son Johannes. Rita Busch, who will most likely host us in September, did not come to Mainz. My favorites were:

2012 Marienburg Riesling GG VDP.Grosse Lage
2013 Marienburg Riesling Kabinett VDP.Grosse Lage
2013 Marienburg Riesling Spaetlese VDP. Grosse Lage

Picture: Clemens Busch

Weingut Dr. Loosen

Weingut Dr. Loosen showed 9 wines. Ernst Loosen was not in Mainz, but on his way to the US. My favorites were:

2013 Dr. Loosen Weisser Burgunder trocken, VDP.Gutswein
2013 Graach, Riesling trocken, VDP.Ortswein
2012 Lay, Riesling GG, VDP.Grosse Lage
2013 Treppchen, Riesling Kabinett, VDP.Grosse Lage

Picture: Dr. Loosen's Desiree Schroeder visiting the table of Weingut Weil

Weingut von Hoevel

Weingut von Hoevel schowed 9 wines, with 3 of them in the trocken category. Maximilian von Kunow, who will host us in September, poured the wines. My favorites were:

2012 Scharzhofberger, Riesling GG, VDP.Grosse Lage
2013 LMEAAX, Riesling feinherb, VDP.Gutswein
2013 Huette, Riesling Spaetlese, VDP.Grosse Lage

Picture: Maximilian von Kunow and Christian G.E.Schiller

Weingut Reichsgraf von Kesselstadt

Weingut Reichsgraf von Kesselstadt showed 10 wines. Annegret Reh-Gartner, who will host us in September, poured the wines. My favorites were:

2010 Goldtroepfchen, Riesling GG, VDP.Grosse Lage
2013 Scharzhofberger, Riesling Kabinett, VDP.Grosse Lage
2013 Goldtroepfchen, Riesling Auslese, Lange Goldkapsel #5, VDP.Grosse Lage

Picture: Annegret Reh-Gartner with a Staff Member

Weingut Doennhoff

Weingut Doennhoff showed 8 wines. Cornelius Doennhoff poured the wines. I also saw Helmut Doennhoff at the Weinboerse, who probably will host us in September, but I did not see him pouring wines. Interestingly, Cornelius did not pour any GG. My favorites were (all barrel samples):

2013 Kirschheck, Riesling Spaetlese, VDP.Grosse Lage
2013 Bruecke, Riesling Spaetlese, VDP.Grosse Lage
2013 Hermannshoehle, Riesling Auslese, VDP.Grosse Lage

Pictures: Cornelius Doennhoff pouring and Helmut Doennhoff tasting the wines of August Kesseler, with Paul Fuerst

Weingut Kruger-Rumpf

Weingut Kruger-Rumpf showed 8 wines. Except for one, they were all dry. Georg Rumpf was there all the time, assisted by his father Stefan Rumpf. My favorites were:

2013 Weisser Burgunder trocken, VDP.Gutswein
2013 Schiefer, Riesling trocken, VDP.Gutswein
2013 Quarzit, Riesling trocken, VDP.Gutswein
2013 Dautenpflaenzer, Riesling Spaetlese, VDP.Grosse Lage

Picture: Christian G.E.Schiller with Stefan and Georg Rumpf

Schlossgut Diel

Weingut Diel showed 10 wines. Interestingly, 5 of them were at the Gutswein level. Caroline Diel, who has taken over from her father Armin Diel, poured the wines, assisted by her staff. Armin Diel also helped out. My favorites were:

2013 Diel de Diel, Weisses Cuvee trocken, VDP.Gutswein
2006 Goldloch Riesling, VDP.Grosse Lage
2013 Goldloch, Kabinett, VDP.Grosse Lage
2013 Goldloch, Spaetlese, VDP. Grosse Lage

Pictures: Armin Diel and Caroline Diel with Schwarzer Adler Sommeliere Melanie Wagner and her Team

Weingut Schaetzel

Not a VDP member.

Postings on schiller-wine

Here is a list of postings about the winemaker we will visit.

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Robert Weil
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Kloster Eberbach
In the Steinberg, Eberbach Abbey, Rheingau, Germany

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Kuehling Gillot
Doepfner’s im Maingau Meets Frankfurt/Wein, with Weingut Battenfeld-Spanier and Weingut Chat Sauvage, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
The Wine Maker Couple H.O. Spanier and Carolin Spanier-Gillot, with Roland Gillot, Lead Wine Tasting of Kuehling-Gillot and Battenfeld-Spanier Wines at Weingut Kuehling-Gillot, Germany

Germany's Top 18 Winemakers - Feinschmecker WeinGuide 2013
The Wines of Franz Kuenstler from Hochheim, Rheingau, Germany
Franz Kuenstler, Founder of the Renown Franz Kuenstler Estate in Hochheim, Rheingau, Germany, dies at Age 84
Franz Kuenstler, the founder of the Weingut Franz Kuenstler, was awarded an Honorary Lifetime Membership of the Weinfreundeskreis Hochheim, Germany
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World Class Wines in Hochheim, Rheingau, Germany - Weingut Kuenstler
Five Hochheim (Rheingau) Winemakers Presented their Vintage 2011 Wines in Hochheim, Germany

Peter Jakob Kuehn
A Tasting at Weingut Peter Jakob Kühn, Rheingau, with Angela and Peter Jakob Kühn, Germany

Clemens Busch
German Star Winemaker Clemens Busch, Weingut Clemens Busch in the Mosel Valley, in Washington DC, USA
Tasting with Rita Busch at Weingut Clemens Busch in the Mosel Valley, Germany 

Dr. Loosen
Riesling from Germany and Pinot Noir from Oregon: A Winemaker Dinner with Ernst Loosen, Weingut Dr. Loosen and J.Christopher Wines, at Black Salt in Washington DC.
Riesling, Pinot Noir and Indian Cuisine: A tête-à-tête Dinner with Winemaker Ernst Loosen, Weingut Dr. Loosen, at Rasika in Washington DC, USA
Ernst Loosen and Dr. L. Riesling - His Hugely Popular Entry-level Wine Sold Throughout the World;
The Doctor Made a House Call - A Tasting with Ernst Loosen, Weingut Dr. Loosen, at MacArthur Beverages in Washington DC, USA
A Riesling Guru and a Killer Guitarist cum Cult Winemaker: Ernst Loosen and Jay Somers and their J. Christopher Winery in Newberg, Oregon
Wine ratings: Two American/German wines - Eroica and Poet's Leap - on Top 100 Wines from Washington State list for 2009
German American Wines: (1) Pacific Rim Riesling (2) Eroica and (3) Woelffer's Schillerwein
The German Winemakers at the 4th Riesling Rendezvous in Seattle, USA

Von Hoevel
"Wurzelwerk" Goes America: 3 Vineyards, 3 Winemakers and 9 Wines
Weingut von Hoevel – The New Generation: Max von Kunow in Washington DC, US

Reichsgraf von Kesselstadt
The German Winemakers at the 4th Riesling Rendezvous in Seattle, USA

An Afternoon with Riesling Star Winemaker Helmut Doennhoff at Weingut Doennhoff in Oberhausen in the Nahe Valley, Germany
The German Winemakers at the 4th Riesling Rendezvous in Seattle, USA

Kruger-Rumpf (VDP)
Cellar Tour, Vineyard Tour, Tasting and Lunch with Georg Rumpf, Weingut Kruger-Rumpf, Nahe Valley, Germany
Winemaker Dinner with Georg and Stefan Rumpf and with Cornelia Rumpf at Weingut Kruger- Rumpf in the Nahe Valley, Germany 
Wine Maker Dinner with Stefan Rumpf at Weinstube Kruger-Rumpf in Muenster-Sarmsheim, Germany

Caroline and Armin Diel, Schlossgut Diel (Nahe Valley), Presented their New Wines (Vintage 2012), Germany
Visiting Armin and Caroline Diel and their Schlossgut Diel in Burg Layen in Germany
President Obama Serves a “German” Riesling at State Dinner for Chinese President Hu Jintao
Visiting Long Shadows Vintners in Walla Walla, Washington State - Where Armin Diel’s Poet’s Leap Riesling is Made, USA

Celebrating Riesling and my Birthday at Weingut Schaetzel in Nierstein, Rheinhessen, Germany
A New Fixture in the Reemerging Red Slope of Nierstein - Visiting Kai Schaetzel and his Weingut Schaetzel in Nierstein, Rheinhessen, Germany
Riesling Lounge Goes Lomo, Germany

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