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Wine Tasting Luncheon at 1 Star Michelin Röttele's Restaurant im Schloss Neuweier in Baden, with Winemaker Robert Schätzle and his Weingut Schloss Neuweier Wines – Germany-South Wine Tour by ombiasy, 2014

Picture: Annette Schiller, ombiasy PR and WineTours, and Chef Armin Röttele, Owner of  Röttele's Restaurant im Schloss Neuweier in Baden

The first stop of the German South Wine Tour by ombiasy (2014), which took place from September 14 – 20, was at Schloss Neuweier in the small village of Neuweier in Baden, close to the spa-town Baden Baden. We had an exciting wine tasting luncheon at the 1-star Michelin restaurant of Chef Armin Röttele, with the owner and winemaker of Weingut Schloss Neuweier, Robert Schätzle. Chef Armin Röttele prepared an amazing “menu di passion”. His wife Sabine Röttele was our host. And Robert Schätzle paired the menu with his top wines and commented on them.

Picture: Being Received by Sabine Röttele

The luncheon was preceeded by a vineyard and cellar tour by Robert Schätzle, on which I have already reported: In the Vineyard and the Wine Cellar (and Lunch) with Robert Schätzle, Owner and Winemaker, Weingut Schloss Neuweier in Baden – Germany-South Wine Tour by ombiasy (2014)

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Schloss Neuweier

(1) Röttele's Restaurant and Weingut Schloss Neuweier are both part of the wonderfully restored, historic castle Schloss Neuweier, where wine has been made for centuries.

Picture: Arriving at Weingut Schloss Neuweier

(2) The castle belongs to the few historic buildings from the 12th century that still exist.

(3) Die Ritter von Bach were the first who started planting vines and producing wine. All subsequent owners showed interested in winemaking.

(4) Its current shape took the castle, when it was owned by Philipp Kämmerer von Worms, called von Dalberg. During 1548 to 1549, this gentleman created the castle as you can see it today. To remind everyone of his creation he put in the entry portal: Zeyt bryngt Rosen – Time brings Roses.

(5) In 1615, the castle was passed onto the second daughter of Philipp von Dalberg, whose husband was Wolf von Eltz and Knebel von Katzenellenbogen. Katzenellenbogen was a high ranking knight who fought under the rule of the Archbishop of Mainz. He also was an important person in terms of winemaking at Weingut Schloss Neuweier. He brought his knowledge from the Franken area, the Bocksbeutel bottles and the Niersteiner and the Laubenheimer grape varities, which replaced the traditional Elblinger and Ortlieber.

(6) During the 19th century the castle changed its owners quiet frequently. From 1869, the Rößler family from Baden-Baden became the owner of the castle. The Rößler family is responsible for the Mauerberg vineyard gaining international recognition.

(7) Until recently, the driving force behind Schloss Neuweier, including Weingut Schloss Neuweier, was Gisela Joos. She and her husband, a well-known architect from Frankfurt am Main, took over the castle, including the winery, in 1992 and invested around Euro 50 million in the castle, including the winery. What you see today is essentially due to their efforts and money. In 1999, Weingut Neuweier was admitted to the prestigious VDP association, when Gisela Joos was in charge.

(8) Today, the “Schlossherr” (owner) of Schloss Neuweier and the winemaker at Weingut Schloss Neuweier is Robert Schaetzle. His family acquired the estate in 2012. The senior management of the winery of course changed with Robert taking over. The already high quality level of the wines was definitely maintained if not increased by Robert Schaetzle. The Joos family is still living in the castle, but on a lease basis.

Pictures: Schloss Neuweier

Röttele’s Restaurant and Residence at Schloss Neuweier

During the period when the Rössler family owned Schloss Neuweier, a “Besenwirtschaft” (basic wine tavern, where the winemaker sells his own wine) was opened at Schloss Neuweier. Over time, that basic tavern developed into a fine dining restaurant.

Armin and Sabine Röttele took over in 2005. A year later, Armin was awarded a Michelin star. Today, Röttele’s Restaurant at Schloss Neuweier is one of the best restaurants in Germany.

Sue Style: Expect deliciously pronounced southern accents (the chef spent years in Switzerland’s Tessin before returning here to his roots), intense flavors and colors, silken home-made soups and pastas, toothsome vegetables, locally raised meat and game.

Pictures: Lunch at Röttele's Restaurant with Robert Schätzle

Robert Schaetzle: We were very lucky that in the year 2005 the family Röttele took on the restaurant on the ground floor of the castle. Mr. Röttele is a very inspiring and inventive Chef whose creations leaves your mouth watering. Mr. Röttele’s talent was internationally recognized so it was not surprise that he gained 1 Star from the Michelin in 2006.

Armin Röttele: Il menu di passione

Chef Armin Röttele suggested an amazing "Il menu di passione", complemented with Weingut Schloss Neuweier wines. Robert Schätzle supplemented these wines with another half a dozen Weingut Schloss Neuweier wines, some of which where not yet bottled (and thus did not have a proper label).

2008 Schloss Neuweier Riesling Sekt brut


Small appetizer

2013 Schloss Neuweier Riesling trocken

Pumpkin cream soup with melted foie gras and Amaretto foam

2012 Schloss Neuweier Neuweierer Riesling Alte Reben trocken
2013 Schloss Neuweier Schlossberg Erste Lage Riesling trocken
2012 Schloss Neuweier Schlossberg Erste Lage Riesling trocken

Lukewarm marinated codfish with Gremolata, orange sauce and Tagliolini

2012 Schloss Neuweier Goldenes Loch Riesling trocken GG
2012 Schloss Neuweier Mauerberg Riesling trocken Erste Lage 
2013 Schloss Neuweier Mauerberg Riesling trocken Erste Lage

Roasted rack of venison with walnut crust on parsley-curd “Knöpfle” with Savoy cabbage and lingonberries

2009 Schloss Neuweier Heiligenstein Spätburgunder Spätlese trocken
2012 Schloss Neuweier Heiligenstein Spätburgunder trocken Erste Lage
2013 Schloss Neuweier Heiligenstein Spätburgunder trocken Erste Lage

Duo of plum with cinnamon in a sorbet and Mille Foglie with Marsala-zabaglione

2012 Schloss Neuweier Grand Cuvee Riesling + Gewürztraminer Auslese 

Sweet autumn surprise


Thank you Sabine, Armin and Robert for the great time we had at Schloss Neuweier.

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