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Coming-up: Wine & Art Tour to Saale-Unstrut - Saxony - Franken - Württemberg: Germany-East Tour by ombiasy WineTours (June 11 - June 20, 2015)

Picture: Würzburg, Franken, and 2014 Riesling Juliusspital, Franken

Some Feel The Rain - Others Just Get Wet  (Bob Marley)

If you are someone who feels the rain, this tour is a MUST for you. During this trip all your senses and emotions will get tickled with

- visits of the top wine producers in the more than 1000 year old wine regions of Saale-Unstrut, Sachsen, Franken, Württemberg, and savoring absolutely delicious wines.
- attending performances at the Gewandhaus Leipzig, Semperoper Dresden, Ballet Stuttgart.
- looking at stunning visual art at the Spinnerei in Leipzig and at wineries where family members are renowned artists.
- stepping into history in the Thomas Church, the Nikolai Church and Auerbachs Keller in Leipzig; the Frauenkirche in Dresden; at Wahnfried, the home of Richard and Cosima Wagner.
- indulging in voluptuous baroque architecture at the Imperial Palaces in Dresden; the Imperial Palace in Würzburg; and the Palace Monrepos of the ruling family of Württemberg.
- traveling through beautiful landscapes and the rolling hills of the wine country along romantic rivers. 

Please check my website: The itinerary is spelled out in detail so you know exactly what you get when you join me on this tour. To make it very easy for you here is the direct link to the itinerary:

You can also sign up directly at this website:  The timing to sign up is of essence since the theater tickets become scarce.  I can help you with securing the theater tickets.

All tours will be in English. Feel free to disseminate this information to people whom you know and who might be interested in this tour. 

Looking forward to have our wine friends joining us for this spectacular tour.


Annette Schiller
ombiasyPR and WineTours 

Below please find a series of pictures taken during our pre-tour trip in March 2015.

Picture: Weingut Thürkind, Saale-Unstrut - Cellar Tasting

Pictures: Burg and Dom, Meissen - Views from Weingut Schloss Proschwitz, Prinz zur Lippe, and from the Hotel where the Group will be Staying

Pictures: Weingut Zimmerling, Sachsen - Art and Wine

Pictures: Innside Hotel and Frauenkirche, Dresden

Picture: Semper Opera House, Dresden

Pictures: Weingut Aust, Sachsen

Picture: Richard Wagner Opera House, Bayreuth

Picture: Weingut Wirsching, Franken

Picture: Weingut Bürgerspital, Würzburg

Pictures: Würzburg, Alte Main Brücke and 2014 Silvaner, Franken

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