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Château Mouton Rothschild 1979 Magnum and other Fine Wines at Weinsinn in Frankfurt, Germany

Pictures: Dinner at Weinsinn in Frankfurt, Germany

We celebrated the birthdays of Katharina Schiller-Suarez and her husband Diego Schiller-Suarez at Weinsinn, with two of Katharina's three sibblings. We had a nice selection of wines, both from the wine list and our cellar. The star of the evening was the Château Mouton Rothschild 1979 Magnum.

Matthias Scheiber and Milica Trajkovska-Scheiber opened Weinsinn 10 years ago in Frankfurt's Westend. Two years later they opened Gustav not so far away from Weinsinn. Both restaurants were awarded a Michelin star shortly after they opened. Last year, Weinsinn in the Westend had to close as the lease came to an end and Weinsinn relocated to the Bahnhofsviertel (Central Station Area).

At the birthday dinner for Katharina and Diego, the new Weinsinn confirmed its leading role in the Frankfurt restaurant scene with a super meal, top wines and first-class service.

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Pictures: Weinsinn in the Bahnhofsviertel in Frankfurt

The (New) Weinsinn

The new Weinsinn is considerably larger and much more spacious than the old Weinsinn. The kitchen is large and an open kitchen (which is also much larger than in the old Weinsinn) where you can watch the crew prepare the food. Julian Stowasser, who was for several years the Sous-Chef of the 3-Star-Michelin Restaurant Atelier in Munich before joining Weinsinn, is the Executive Chef.

Pictures: Dinner at Weinsinn in Frankfurt, Germany

Weinsinn: New. Yet familiar. Sophisticated cuisine, consistent design and a relaxing ambience – this is what we had in mind when we opened Weinsinn in 2009. We were therefore delighted to see our concept meet with such positive feedback. After eight memorable years in Frankfurt’s Westend, we are now moving to the Bahnhofsviertel district by the railway station. Much of what we are taking with us will be familiar, while in some areas we have moved on. But the most important thing of all remains unchanged: your feeling at home and being able to enjoy the evening, ideally in good company. Welcome to the new Weinsinn!

Weinsinn: Discover worlds. Up close. Diversity, contrasts and open-mindedness – the things that make Frankfurt unique are especially pronounced here. Paying us a visit in the Bahnhofsviertel district is worth it for this alone. Weinsinn is just a few minutes’ walk from the opera house and theatre on Willy-Brandt-Platz square, and the city and the River Main are just around the corner too. And as you are no doubt aware, Frankfurt is also just a stone’s throw from pretty much anywhere in the world.

Head Chef: Julian Stowasser

Weinsinn: Regional, cosmopolitan, open-minded. Weinsinn stands for a contemporary cuisine that focuses on local products and combines them with international accents. And more than anything else, we are open-minded: For the experimentation of our head chef Julian Stowasser. For the experience he contributes from his previous positions in Munich, Wolfsburg, Sydney and Baiersbronn. And to giving an insight into our craftsmanship, because the kitchen staff aren’t just busy behind the scenes at Weinsinn.

Pictures: Open Kitchen with Head Chef Julian Stowasser and his Team

The Wines we had for Dinner

Weinsinn: Every wine makes sense. There are more than 280 bottles to choose from on our wine list. And we have faith in each and every one of them, as we consider all of our wines to be especially expressive representatives of their ilk. From the beginning, we have focused on regional wines, including many representatives of the younger generation of winemakers in our list. Our sommelier Florian Bechtel will happily give you guidance in making your own discoveries. Our recommendation for groups of oenophiles and for an exclusive event is our Wein | Tisch held in the dark green semi-basement.

Pictures: The Wines we had for Dinner

The Dinner

Weinsinn is open only for dinner. The menu is small. You can choose between a 3-course (Euro 70), 4-course (Euro 80), 5-course (Euro 90) and 6-course (Euro 100) meal. Most of us had the 5-course menu, some the 4-course menu. Between the 8 of us, we ordered almost all the dishes that are currently offered.

Hors d'œuvre


Greetings from the Chef


Lachsforelle von Birnbaums Fischzucht
Rote Bete, Kren

Schafskäse, Curry


Spinat Honigschinken

Gebratenes Kalbsbries
Steckrübe, Grünkohl

Kraut, Bachkresse


Rippenstück vom Rind
Barbecue, Mais


Sanddorn, Aprikose

Kartoffel, Kombucha

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