Friday, February 1, 2013

Wine Consumption by Country: Total and Per Capita

Source: Economist, Mach 22, 2012

The Economist published a very interesting chart some time ago, with the leading wine consuming countries in the world, still and sparkling. The chart includes the wine consumption per capita, for 2011 and 2007, and the total wine consumption, for 2011.

Who Consumes the Wine?

The US is the largest wine market in the world. Americans consumed more wine in 2011 than any other country. France, Italy and Germany came very close, with each market accounting for around 300 million cases of wine per year. 

Whereas France and Italy have a high (and declining) per capita consumption, as does Germany, although a bit lower, the US consumes very little per capita (only a bit more than 10 liters), but there are a large number of American consumers. In addition, American wine consumption per capita is growing.

At about half of the market size of the leading 4 countries, the UK and China follow. The UK is a large consumer but produces almost nothing itself. All is imported. The per capita consumption is sizable, but on a declining trend.

By contrast, the Chinese per capita consumption is dismal, but the number of consumers is huge. Furthermore, per capita consumption is on an upward trend. If the per capita consumption increases just by as much as – for example – the Australian per capita consumption increased between 2007 and 2001, China would become the largest wine market in the world, overtaking the US, France, Italy and Germany.

Then follow 2 countries with a total consumption of around 100 million cases, Argentina and Russia. Russia produces almost nothing itself, while Argentina produces almost 90% of what it consumes.

Next are 4 countries with an overall market of around 40 to 50 million cases: Portugal, with a very high per capita consumption, and Australia, Canada and Brazil. The latter is again a bit like the case of China – low per capita consumption and large population.

Finally, around 20 to 30 million cases: Switzerland, a high per capita consumption country, which also produces wine, of which it exports very little; Denmark, also a high per capita consumption country, which imports everything; and Japan, a low per capita consumption country.

In terms of global growth: the US, China and Russia are driving growth in global wine consumption, which has increased by 3.5% since 2007. The old world is a drag on growth, as per capita consumption is declining and the population stagnating.

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  2. Hungary is missing from the list! Per capita consumption is still over 23 liter. (OIV statistics of 2009: 26,1 liter, National Office of Statistics of 2012: 23,4 l).
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