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Outstanding Dinner at Gustav - 1 Star Michelin - in Frankfurt, Germany, with Chef Jochim Busch

Pictures: Outstanding Dinner at Gustav - 1-star Michelin - in Frankfurt, Germany, with Chef Jochim Busch Chef Jochim Busch delivers playful but detailed cooking with imaginative flavour and texture pairings. (...) So, if you’re in Frankfurt and looking to get a taste of German “bistronomie”, Gustav would be an excellent choice.

Fienhold Biss: To put it in a nutshell: this is Frankfurt’s most delightful new restaurant in recent years.

Zeit Magazin: Our discoveries of the week: trout with fennel pollen, cauliflower with couscous. Restaurant Gustav in Frankfurt’s Westend district offers regional fare with international flair.

Guide Michelin Deutschland 2018: High-quality, stylish, straightforward. The modern style of the restaurant is reflected also in the cuisine and especially has one thing: its own signature. The dishes are pleasantly reduced with a beautiful interaction of contrasts and textures.

There are currently 9 Michelin-starred restaurants in Frankfurt/ Germany, all with 1 star, except for Restaurant Lafleur, which has 2 stars.

Restaurant Lafleur - Chef: Andreas Krolik
Tiger-Gourmetrestaurant - Chef: Coskun Yurdakul
Villa Merton - Chef: André Großfeld
Restaurant Gustav - Chef: Jochim Busch
Carmelo Greco - Chef: Carmelo Greco
Seven Swans - Chef: Jan Hoffmann
Erno's Bistro - Chef: Valéry Mathis
Français - Chef: Patrick Bittner
Weinsinn - Chef: Julian Stowasser

2 of the 9 Michelin-starred restaurants are owned and run by the young, charming couple (in life and business) Milica Trajkovska Scheiber und Matthias Scheiber: She runs Gustav and he runs Weinsinn.

About a year or so ago, Annette Schiller and I had our monthly Frankfurt gourmet group dinner at Matthias Scheiber's Weinsinn: Phantastic Dinner at the "New" Weinsinn in Frankfurt, Germany

This time, in May 2019, we met at Milica Trajkovska Scheiber's Gustav.

Both dinners were most impressive experiences at the highest level, in terms of the food (clearly at the 1-star Michelin level), the wines (broad, German-dominated selection) and the service (with Gustav a bit more relaxed, Bistro-style than Weinsinn).

Pictures: Outstanding Dinner at Gustav - 1-star Michelin - in Frankfurt, Germany, with Chef Jochim Busch

Restaurant Gustav

Milica Trajkovska Scheiber: Forms and colours inspired by Bauhaus. Unconventional works by young Frankfurt artists. An atmosphere that combines relaxation with intense concentration. Cuisine that dispenses with flashy effects and instead embraces precise artisanry, finely harmonised nuances and meticulous attention to detail ... Restaurant Gustav in Frankfurt’s Westend district offers a new, subtle form of avant-garde.

Gustav is the second restaurant run by Frankfurt-based restaurateurs Milica Trajkovska Scheiber and Matthias Scheiber, after ‘Weinsinn’ (opened in 2009), and has been awarded a Michelin star.

Pictures: Outstanding Dinner at Gustav - 1-star Michelin - in Frankfurt, Germany, with Chef Jochim Busch

Head Chef Jochim Busch

Head Chef Jochim Busch, Gault & Millau’s ‘discovery of the year’ in 2016, takes his inspiration from rediscovering regional cuisine. His expeditions take him to cultural landscapes as varied as the Rheingau and the Rhön Mountains, the Odenwald and the Wetterau, as well as to an astonishing variety of green spaces and gardens within the city limits. Sourcing products locally isn’t an end in itself for Busch; they also have to be fresh and authentic. Accordingly, he sees a close link between seasonal and regional. After all, truly understanding your home region means knowing how it changes with the seasons too.

Pictures: Chef Jochim Busch - Cooking, Plating and Serving


The regularly changing dishes on the evening menu can be combined into four, five or six courses. for Euro 80/90/100.

On Fridays the restaurant also opens fur lunch, offering a daily menue with two to five courses (40 to 60 Euro).

There are around 200 entries in the wine list, including many naturally aged wines. All of the wines come from Europe, with around half originating in Germany.

The Food: 6 Courses

We all took 6 courses - 2 starters, 2 intermediate courses, 1 main course and cheese or dessert.

Greeting from the Chef


Kohlrabi – young and matured
Spinach cream, buttermilk, clover and rapeseed

Raw marinated salmon trout
Spruce, smoked fish cream, apple and salt cucumber water

Intermediate courses

Fried catfish liver
Dwarf quince emulsion, Sweet Cicely and pea shrub

Breast and leg of the Riedgockel (chicken)
Alloyed chicken broth, green asparagus and celery flavors

Main courses

Grilled white asparagus
Raspberry vinegar, brewer's yeast, roasted flaxseed and wild garlic hollandaise

Medium roasted and stewed knuckle of venison
in apfekraut glazed, turnip, elderflower and leek


Hungener Gold - raw milk cheese from the cow, aged for 24 months
Pumpkin seed, wheat patties and radicchio


Schmand ice cream
Wood and fruit of blackcurrant, green sauce and yolk

Coffee/ tea

The Wines: 12 Bottles

The 9 of us had 12 bottles of wine.  The Euro prices are indicated.

BurkhardtSchür Blanc de Noirs Brut 58

Kühn 2014 Hendelberg Riesling trocken MAGNUM 90

Nikolaihof 2010 Grüner Veltliner Federspiel „Im Weingebirge“ 58

Azienda Agricola Cos Sicilia 2017 Cos Ramì

Château Clos Puy Arnaud 2007 Côtes de Castillon 70

Domaine Brusset 2011 Gigondas „Les Hauts de Montmirail“ 68

Rebholz 2014 Chardonnay R 72

Champagner Pierre Baillette Le Village

Château L’ Arrosée 2003 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 99

Domaine André et Mireille TissotW 2015 Chardonnay „Les Graviers“ 75

Bernhard Huber W 2016 Grauer Burgunder trocken 42

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