Thursday, August 20, 2009

In the Glass: Unplugged--Eric Clapton and Martin Tesch

"Unplugged" by Eric Clapton has always been one of my favorite albums. Clapton recorded the album for the MTV unplugged series. This was a series of CDs recored live with as much authenticity as possible.

Bone-dry German Riesling has always been one of my favorite wines. In the FAZ of August 16, 2009, Stuart Pigott writes about the bone-dry wines of Martin Tesch. One of those is his Riesling Unplugged.

Martin Tesch is a young and ambitious winemaker from the Nahe region. He is one of the rising stars among Germany's new generation of winemakers. When he took over the family's winery a few years ago, he made the decision to focus exclusively on the production of dry wine. His goal was to return to the basics of authenticity, balance, and complexity.

Towards that end, he created a wine that has become an international favorite: Riesling Unplugged. The wine is as natural as you can get, with tremendous value placed on environmental-friendly viticulture. The wine is untreated, meaning no must concentration or chaptalisation.

Tesch's Riesling Unplugged is a bone-dry, light wine with intense minerals and concentrated fruit on the nose, and a long palate with refreshing acidity.

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