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Alsace Wine Industry Titan André Hugel Dead at the Age of 92

Pictures: Annette Schiller and André Hugel. See: Cellar Tour and Tasting at Hugel in Riquewhir, Alsace, with Marc-André Hugel and Senior Boss André Hugel - Alsace Tour 2019 with the Weinfreundeskreis Hochheim, France

Alsace wine industry titan André Hugel passed away at the age of 92 following Covid-related complications. The last time Annette and I saw him was during the Alsace Tour 2019 with the Weinfreundeskreis Hochheim. 

Marc-André Hugel was our host and the late André Hugel, Marc-André Hugel's grandfather, paid us a visit.

Hugel is represented in the US by Frederic Wildmann.

See also: Tour and Tasting at Hugel in Riquewhir, Alsace, with Jean Frédéric Hugel - Germany-South and Alsace 2017 Tour by ombiasy WineTours

André Hugel

Famille Hugel: "It is with great sadness that we announce the death of André Hugel on Monday, August 15, at the age of 92. He leaves us with the memory of an incredibly full life, unfailing devotion to the family history and unlimited tenderness towards his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

Spending a few, lazy hours in the picturesque streets of Riquewihr with André Hugel, and pushing open the doors of our centuries-old cellars was like setting out on an exploration of the extraordinary terroirs of Alsace and the history of our wonderful region. 

André was the 11th generation of our family rooted in the Riquewihr (Haut-Rhin) wine-growing area since 1639. The estate is currently run by Marc, Marc-André and Jean-Frédéric Hugel, the 12th and 13th generations. 

After training in Beaune and Geisenheim, André Hugel (born on August 19th, 1929) joined very early the family firm and, together with his two brothers, helped it grow. He kept working until his last days and contributed greatly to the dynamism of Famille Hugel in recent years as a fervent defender of two, highly-symbolic cuvées with a strong, Alsatian character: Grossi Laüe, which means “the best vineyards” in the Alsatian dialect, and Schoelhammer. These are now the leading products of the estate, alongside the iconic Vendange Tardives and Sélections de Grains Nobles. 

Also president of the Riquewihr Archaeological Society since 1978 and of the Museum of Alsace Wines and Vineyards since 1979, he was Grand Master of the Confrérie Saint-Etienne wine guild in 1985, Deputy Major of Riquewihr from 1989 to 1995 and municipal councillor from 1995 to 2001. Aside from his passion for the history of wine-growing in Alsace, André Hugel was also deeply interested in Alsatians conscripted against their will into the German army in World War II. His research in this field led to several publications."


Hugel is one of the major producers of Alsace wine, and has been an important force in the Alsace wine industry in its developments during the second half of the 20th century. For over 370 years and with 13-family generations the Hugel family has unrivaled experience and knowledge of Alsace vineyards and winemaking. Known today for their passion and modern outlook, the dynamic Hugel family, located in the picture-postcard fortified village of Riquewihr, has earned a worldwide reputation for their Alsace wines.

Hugel was founded in Riquewihr in 1639 by Hans Ulrich Hugel, who was a Swiss national who left his home country during the Thirty Years' War. It has remained in the hands of the Hugel family since then. As a logotype, they use a family crest which was carved in 1672, to decorate the doorway of a house built in Riquewihr by one of Hans Ulrich's sons

In 1902, Hugel moved to its present location in the centre of Riquewihr.

Pictures: At Hugel in Riquewihr

Hugel produces its high-end wines from its own vineyards, and also operates a négociant business, which sources additional grapes under long-term contract from various growers. Hugel is highly export-oriented, with almost 80 percent of the wines produced being exported.

Pictures: With the Late André Hugel and Marc-André Hugel.

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Monday, September 5, 2022

A Week at the Beach in Charleston, Isle of Palms, South Carolina, August 6 to August 13, 2022

From Saturday, August 6 , 2022 to Saturday, August 13, 2022, Annette and I spent a week at the beach in the City of Isle of Palms, in the Charleston area in South Carolina. We stayed at the beach house of Cornelia and Chris Tremann, which they bought a year ago. With us were Viatrix and Ernst as well as Dorothea Ottesen with Johanna, Viggo and Leo. 

Florence, South Carolina

Going there, we stayed one night in Florence, South Carolina. On the way back, we did not stop.

Isle of Palms 

"Isle of Palms is 7 miles long and 1 mile wide. Known for its pristine beaches and clean water, natural wildlife as well as world-class resorts, spas, golf and delightful restaurants, Isle of Palms was voted #6 among Top 10 North America Islands by Conde Nast Traveler's Reader's Choice Awards." 

903 Ocean Blvd Isle of Palms

The house of Cornelia and Chris is a second-row house, just 3 minutes away from the beach and has a large pool in the backyard.

Cornelia and Chris live in Munich, Germany, currently. The house is being rented out all year long. 

Here is a testimonial of Henry B.: We had a great week at the pool and the beach. We have stayed on the Isle of Palms several times and by far this is the best and most convenient property we have rented. The pool is absolutely the best and it is a very short walk to down town or the beach. The house is well designed and there is plenty of parking. Simply a great place to stay. 

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