Monday, August 16, 2010

schiller-wine’s First Anniversary

Christian G.E. Schiller with ...

Ernst Loosen in New York

Dan Duckhorn, Napa Valley, in Washington DC

Peter Gordon and Michael McGrath, The Providores and Tapa Room, in London

Jean Trimbach in Washington DC

Helmut Doennhoff, Weingut Doennhoff, in Mainz

Schiller Wine’s First Anniversary

Today, a year ago, on August 16, 2009, I started my wine blog Schiller Wine with a posting on Schillerwein, a specialty wine from Wuerttemberg, which is a (field) blend of red and white grapes.

In the course of one year, I have published 327 postings, i.e. 27 per month. Earlier this year, I stopped posting pointers or other lighter postings and are now aiming at 15 substantive postings per month.

My daily visitors, as measured by sitemeter, have increased to about 200 visitors per day.

In the US Wikio ranking of wine blogs, I am among the top 100. I am currently at place 89, down from 72 in July and 56 in June, behind Dr. Vino’s Wine Blog, Vinography, Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog and Wine Library TV, the video blog of Gary Vaynerchuck, to name the top 4. My hits have increased considerably between June and now, but I have been sliding down the ranking at high speed. Why? I assume, while I have improved, others have improved even more. Looking ahead, my guess is that it is gonna be hard to maintain a place in the top 100 group for me with my limited means.

I started without pictures, but now all postings contain a series of photos. Some of those I like best are reprinted on this posting.

In terms of subjects covered, I have shifted to more substantive postings and more direct reporting from Germany. But as somebody who has spent his professional life as a global economist at the International Monetary Fund, I continue to cover the global wine scene.

Schillerwein - My Twitter Account

In parallel with Schiller Wine, I have started Schillerwein, a Twitter account. I am now at 230 followers. I try to keep the number of tweeters I follow below 40.

Facebook Fan Page: Drinking German Wine in America

Finally, a few months ago, I started a Facebook Fan Page “Drinking German Wine in America” where I post articles about German wine that might interest an audience drinking, selling or just following German wine in the US. I just exceeded the 100 fans number.

The link to Drinking German Wine in America is here.

More Christian G.E. Schiller with ...

Jean and Francoise Lancon, Domaine de la Solitude, Chateauneuf du Pape, in Washington DC

Sylvain Bzikot, Puligny-Montrachet, in McLean, Virginia

Sandrine and Joel Duffau, Entre Deux Mers, in Arlington, Virginia

Dominique Resses, Cahors, in Arlington, Virginia

James MacPhail, Sequana Vineyards, California, in Washington DC

Hendrik Thoma, Web 2.0 Sommelier and Wine Journalist, in Hamburg

Derek Vinnicombe and Karin Fischer, Weingut Dr. Fischer, in New York

Mirjam Schneider, Weingut Lothar Schneider und Tochter, in Mainz

Helena Becker, Weingut Friedrich Becker, in Frankfurt

John Gibson, Salexis Wines, Napa Valley, in McLean, Virginia

Pio Boffa, Pio Cesare, Piedmont, in Washington DC

Debby Brenner, Women of the Vines, in Washington DC

Ken Wright, Oregon, in McLean, Virginia

Patricia Green, Oregon, in Washington DC

James Bogaty, Veramar Vineyards, in Virginia

Myron Redford, Amity Vineyards, Oregon, in Washington DC

Istvan Kiss, Tokaji Kereskedohaz Zrt., Hungary, in Washington DC

Brian Talley, Talley Vineyards, Central Coast, California, in McLean, Virginia

Christian and Karine Lauverjat, Sancerre, in Washington DC

Michael K. Trujillo, Sequoia Grove, Napa Valley, in McLean, Virginia

Marcelo Victoria, Achaval Ferrer, Argentina, in Washington DC

Henri Lurton, Chateau Brane-Cantenac, in Washington DC

Tracy Brandt, Donkey and Goats Winery, Berkeley, in Arlington, Virginia

Domenico Cornacchia, Assagio, in McLean, Virginia

Serge Matthieu, La Cremerie, in Paris

Tim Johnston, Juveniles Wine Bar, in Paris

Billy Wagner, Rutz Weinbar, Berlin, in Hamburg

Dirk Wuertz, Weingut Wuertz, in Hamburg

Lilo Wanders in Hamburg

Lotte Pfeffer Mueller, Weingut Gebrueder Dr. Becker, in Ludwigshoehe

Johannes and Uta Thoerle, Weingut Thoerle, in Saulheim

Eva Vollmer, Weingut Vollmer, Gault and Millau Discovery of the Year 2010, in Mainz

Driss Zahidi, Evo Bistro, in McLean, Virginia

Dennis Cakebread, Cakebread Vineyards, Napa Valley, in McLean, Virginia

Rainer Karl Lingenfelder, Weingut Lingenfelder, in New York

Nathalie Mueller, Weingut Mueller, in New York

Dr. Martin Tesch, Weingut Tesch, in New York

Stefan Ress, Weingut Balthasar Ress, in Hattenheim

Hans Lang, Weingut Lang, in Hattenheim

Norbert Barth, Wein und Sektgut Barth, Hattenheim

Christian Haas, Schloss Schoenborn, in Hattenheim

Wine Queens and Princesses of the Rheingau in Hattenheim

Peter Winter and Alf Ewald, Weingut Georg Mueller Stiftung, in Hattenheim

Jan Culik, Vinograf Wine Bar, in Prague

Pia Orth-Rosenkranz, Weingut Rebenhof, in Hochheim

Verena Saxer, Weingut Saxer, in Nussbaumen, Switzerland

Manfred Aufricht, Weingut Aufricht, in Hagnau

Katharina Schiller, Manager, Venus Restaurant, Berkeley, in Frankfurt

Nenad Baretic, Feinschmecker's, in Frankfurt

John Abott, Abeja, Washington State, in Vienna, Virginia

Yquem Viehauser in Baden, Germany

Peter Querbach, Weingut Querbach, in Frankfurt

H.O.Spanier, Weingut Battenfeld Spanier, in Mainz

Daniel Wagner, Weingut Wagner Stempel, in Mainz

Philipp Wittmann, Weingut Wittmann, in Mainz

Tim Freohlich, Gault Millau Winemaker of the Year 2010, in Mainz

Heinz and Heinrich Baison, Weingut Baison, in Hochheim

Lori Corcoran, Corcoran Vineyards, in Waterford, Virginia

Franz Netz, Weingut Netzl, Carnuntrum, in Shirlington, Virginia

Pete Seghesio Junior, Seghesio Family Vineyards, Healdsburg, in Washington DC

Gunter Kuenstler, Weingut Franz Kuenstler, in Hochheim

Stuart Pigott, Wine Journalist, in Frankfurt

James Cahill, Soter Wines, Oregon, in Vienna, Virginia


  1. Dear Christian,
    Congratulations to your 1st Anniversary. You are certainly getting around the world of wine. I particularly enjoy your reporting on wines from emerging regions like Hungary and other Eastern European countries. Please keep it up.
    Cheers, Frank

  2. Congratulations on your 1st year anniversary! I posted earlier but for some reason my comment did not keep. I especially enjoy reading about the notable winemakers you meet on your world-wide wine journeys and interesting wine bars. Keep up the great coverage. Cheers Ondine

  3. Congratulations.