Friday, August 5, 2011

Drop Shop Wine Bar in Budapest, Hungary

Picture: Christian G. E. Schiller with Wink Lorch from WineTravelGuides, Brett Jones (The Wine Maestro), Carolyn Bánfalvi from Taste Hungary (left).

Budapest has a number of interesting wine bars. One of them is the newly opened Drop Shop, located near the Margaret Bridge in District V.

This is definitely one of the hot wine places in Budapest currently. Frank Dietrich from the Blue Danube Wine Company in California had recommended it to us.

Picture: Wink Lorch, Annette Schiller, Brett Jones

Picture: Carolyn and Gábor Bánfalvi from Taste Hungary

When we went there, we run into Wink Lorch from WineTravelGuides and Brett Jones, known as The Wine Maestro, in the wine blogger scene. They had dinner there with Carolyn and Gábor Bánfalvi from Taste Hungary. Carolyn Bánfalvi is the author of the award-winning culinary guidebooks Food Wine Budapest and the Food and Wine Lover’s Guide to Hungary: With Budapest Restaurants and Trips to the Wine Country. We joint them later for drinks.

The Place

Drop Shop is a wine bar cum wine store. It has a little bar counter with perhaps 8 chairs, 6 tables inside and a side walk terrace (in the summer) with another 6 tables. We first sat outside and then moved inside to join Wink, Brett, Carolyn and Gabor. Service was excellent.

Pictures: Drop Shop Side Walk Terrace in the Early and Late Evening

The Wines

Drop Shop serves wine by the bottle, the glass and to go. Drop Shop features over 60 wines by the glass that change every month. The wines by the glass are displayed on a blackboard behind the bar counter.

Pictures: Drop Shop

What distinguishes Drop Shop from other wine bars in Budapest which I like very much, such as the new DiVino near the Basilica and Doblo Wine Bar in the Jewish Quarter, is that Drop Shop not only carries a good selection of Hungarian wines, but also wines from other countries. For example, from Germany, Drop Shop was offering a Robert Weil Riesling by the glass when we were there. There is a good selection of Hungarian wines including lesser known and upcoming producers from various regions.

The Food

Drop Shop serves charcuterie and cheese plates. They also make very good Panini sandwiches.

Drop Shop Wine Bar
Mon – Fri: 9:00 am – 12:00 am
Sat – Sun: 11:00 am – 12:00 am
V. Balassi Bálint utca 27
Tel: 06 30 345 3739

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  1. Thank you for this good and interesting post.
    It is indeed a small world, made smaller, of course, by the connections of social media. So it was a pleasure to meet you and Annette at the Drop Shop, recommended to us by Carolyn and Gábor Bánfalvi from Taste Hungary.
    I always enjoy the excitement of a regularly changed blackboard wine list, giving the customer a chance to discover new wines - especially by the glass.
    Of course the wine bar or restaurant must select good wines, as they do at the Drop Shop.