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The “Rhums Arranges” - Arranged Rums - and the Tropical Fruits of Madagascar

Pictures: In Ivandry, Antananarivo

During my recent 2 month stay in Madagascar, the evening would typically end with one or – more likely - several shots of Rhum Arrange. A bit like a liqueur, a rhum arrange is a rum that has been "arranged" - as is the Malagasy term - by the maceration of various fruits and spices or other items. A rum can be arranged with almost anything: pineapple, vanilla, litchi, herbs, combava leaves, lime, cherries, mango...the list goes on!

Pictures: Rhum Arrange at Sakamanga (above) and Princesse Bora (below)

Rhum Arrange is a specialty of Madagascar (and La Reunion). Arranged rum is found everywhere throughout Madagascar and is served as an aperitif or digestif.

Les Fruits de Madagascar et Leurs Saisons - Fruits from Madagascar and their Seasons

The main ingredients for rhum arrange is rum and fruits. I am not rhum arrange expert but those who are and I have talked to, all agree that basic rum is just perfect for making rhum arrange. When it comes to the fruits, it depends on what is available on the market. Below is list of the most popular fruits of Madagascar and their season. I added pictures of those that I found on the market during November/December/January.

Ananas – Novembre a Janvier

Avocats - Decembre a Mars

Bananes – Toute l’annee

Bibasses – Mai a Septembre

Citron Galets – Decembre a Avril

Citron Verts – Decembre a Avril

Combavas – Fevrier a Avril


Cocos – Toute l’annee

Fraises (Strawberries) – Juin a Juillet

Framboises Pays (Raspberries) – Juin a Juillet

Goyaves Blanches (White Guava) – Janvier a Mars

Goyaviers (Guava) – Mai a Juillet

Grenadelles (Fruits de la Passion) – Janvier a Mars

Letchis (Lychees) – Novembre a Decembre

Mangues – Decembre a Mars

Mangues Greffes


Papayes – Toute l’annee


Raisins Pays – Janvier a Fevrier

Vanille – Toute l’annee

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