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Organic – Market.Info: Germany Ecovin Ecowinner 2012

Picture: Organic – Market.Info, Online Magazine for Organic Trade

Organic – Market.Info, Online Magazine for Organic Trade, carried an article on July 2, 2012 on the Ecovin Ecowinner 2012 Awards. The article was based on an earlier posting on schiller-wine, which was referenced:

Germany: Ecovin Ecowinner 2012

Source: Schiller-Wine

The Ecovin Ecowinner 2012 contest took place at Oppenheim in Rhine-Hesse, Germany on 5 June 2012. At the 16th edition of the event, the awards were handed out in different categories again. This year, 373 wines from 68 wineries had applied, ranging from sparkling wine to Riesling, Burgundy and to fungus-resistant grapevines. They had been tasted blind in 17 categories by a jury. The full list of winners including pictures is available here

Ecovin is an association of winegrowers in Germany whose nearly 200 members with vineyards of 1,000 hectares are practicing organic viticulture and organic winemaking according to the association's guidelines - about 1 % of viticulturists in Germany. The Ecovin certification covers the whole process of wine-making, comprising grape-growing in the vineyard and wine making in the cellar, Schiller-Wine reports. The Ecovin label is a wine-specific logo, which is still used widely as it significantly exceeds the requirements of the EU regulations.

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