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At the Bar with Winemaker Richard-Martin Kerber, Weingut Klaus Kerber, Baden, Germany

Picture: Christian G.E. Schiller, Daniela Mattern from the Meininger Verlag, and Richard-Martin Kerber, Weingut Klaus Kerber in the Pfalz, Germany

Earlier this year, I spent a couple of hours with Richard-Martin Kerber, Weingut Klaus Kerber, at the bar of a hotel in the Pfalz. We were both judges at the best of Riesling 2012 Competition and stayed at the same hotel. He had brought along a bottle of his wines and we talked about his wines.

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Weingut Klaus Kerber

Weingut Klaus Kerber is a very small winery in the town of Staufen in Baden in Germany. Most of the wine is consumed in the Gasthaus Hirschen in Staufen, which is owned and run by the Kerber family.

Picture: Christian G.E. Schiller and Richard-Martin Kerber, Weingut Klaus Kerber in the Pfalz, Germany

Richard-Martin is a cook by training and also a certified sommelier. He spent 10 years as a cook working at different places around the world. In terms of wine making, he studied 4 years in Geisenheim and did internships in Australia and South Africa.

The wine is made and stored in the cellar below the Gasthaus Hirschen. In terms of grape varieties, the wine portfolio is made up of Spaetburgunder, Weissburgunder, Chasselas (Gutedel)  and Chardonnay. Except for noble-sweet wines, all wines are fully fermented and dry. Weingut Kerber also produces Sekt.

Picture: Grauer Burgunder, Staufener Schlossberg, Weingut Klaus Kerber

All wines come from the Staufener Schlossberg, where the Kerber family owns 1,7 hectares in best sites. The vines are up to 50 years old. Because of the steep slopes of the Staufener Schlossberg, all work in the vineyard has to be done manually. Richard-Martin told me that he likes the concept of “natural wine” and tries to get as close as possible to his goal of producing his wines with an ecological mindset and minimal intervention.

Picture: Staufener Schlossberg (Source:

The Kerber wines can be tasted by appointment, either in the “Altstadt-Vinothek” in Staufen or in the historical “Rebhuette” in the Staufener Schlossberg vineyard.

Richard-Martin Kerber
Weingut Klaus Kerber
79219 Staufen im Breisgau
Hauptstrasse 19

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