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Social Media Wine Influencers and #Winelover-s (2013)

Picture: Christian G.E. Schiller with Hendrik Thoma in Frankfurt am Main, both on the Top 10 “German” Social Media Wine Influencers List of Mario Scheuermann

2 Klout lists have attracted particular attention in the wine world: the Klout list of social media wine influencers compiled by the Germany-based wine journalist Mario Scheuermann and the Klout list of #winelover-s compiled by USA-based Luiz Alberto.


Klout attempts to measure social media participants’ influence across social networks. The Klout score, a number between 1 and 100, is a representation of one’s overall social media influence, with higher scores corresponding to a higher assessment. The analysis is done on data taken from sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, and measures the size of a social media participant’s network, the content created and how others interact (retweet, comment, etc.) with that content.

Klout was founded in 2009 in San Francisco by Joe Fernandez and Binh Tran. Klout currently has 40 employees.

Mario Scheuermann’s List of Social Media Wine Influencers

The German wine journalist Mario Scheuermann has compiled a list of global social media wine influencers on Klout. The list contains wine personalities from all over the world, currently 442, ranked by their Klout score. Leading the list is Jancis Robinson with a score of 84.

I feel honored to be on Mario Scheuermann's list.

Here is the link for the list: http://klout.com/#/weinreporter/list/310418

Top 10 “German” Social Media Wine Influencers

A few days ago, Marion Scheuermann published on facebook an extract of the global social media wine influencers list, containing the top 10 “German” social media wine influencers. Here is the list with the Klout scores as of early January 2013. Please note that since its publication, the Klout scores have changed for some of the list. As of today, I have Klout score of 66.

70 Mario Scheuermann (Weinreporter)
67 Philipp Erik Breitenfeld (Gazzetta del Vino)
67 Markus Stolz (Elloinos)
66 Hendrik Thoma (Wein am Limit)
64 Peter J F Ladinig (The Institute of Drinks)
64 Helmut O. Knall (Wine Times)
63 Christian Schiller (schiller-wine)
63 Weinakademie Berlin (Michael Pleitgen)
62 Eckhard Supp (Eno WorldWine)
62 Angelika Deutsch (Kulinarischer Salon)

I feel honored to be on Mario Scheuermann's list.

Luiz Alberto’s List of #Winelover-s

New Jersey-based Luiz Alberto, CEO and Founder at The Wine Hub,  maintains a similar list of #winelover-s: http://klout.com/#/thewinehub/list/3471

Currently, Luiz Alberto’s list has more than 200 names on it. Leading the list is Jancis Robinson with a score of 84.

I feel honored to be on Luiz Alberto's list.

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