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3 Wine Tours by ombiasy Coming up in 2014: Germany-North, Germany-South and Bordeaux

Picture: Annette and Christian G.E. Schiller at Covent Garden Opera in London, UK

3 wine tours to Germany and Bordeaux are planned for September – October 2014. As in previous years, the husband and wife team Annette and Christian Schiller will personally guide the tours throughout the trip. Through our friendships with many winemaker and owners, the tours are a very intimate, personal experience for everyone in the small group (10 people maximum) traveling with us.

Quintessential German Whites (Germany-North)

From September 04 – September 13, 2014, we will explore six (Saale-Unstrut, Franken, Rheingau, northern Rheinhessen, Mosel, Nahe) German wine regions with visits to 19 top wineries and cultural gems. We will get intimate insights into a selection of Germany’s best of the best wineries, normally closed to visitors. A cruise on the romantic Rhine River with its castle- and vine-ribboned banks, the Mosel valley with its dizzying steep vineyards, delving into 2000 years of history, and tasting first class wines under the guidance of great winemakers will be among the highlights. Special treats include wine pairing lunches and dinners with the owners and winemakers at prominent estates.

The tour follows the 2013 German Wine and Culture Tour by ombiasy, with the Franken region added, the Mosel Valley portion extended and the Pfalz region deleted (and included in the Sun-kissed German South Tour) and includes the following wineries: Pawis, Gussek, Kloster Pforta, Juliusspital, Bickel-Stumpf, Robert Weil, Kloster Eberbach, Jakob Jung, Thoerle, Kuehling-Gillot, Kuenstler, Peter Jakob Kuehn, Clemens Busch, Dr. Loosen, Maximin Gruenhaus (Von Schubert), Reichsgraf von Kesselstadt, Doennhoff, Kruger-Rumpf, Diel, Schaetzel.

Many of the 2013 German Wine and Culture Tour highlights were covered by postings on schiller-wine. See below.

Picture: With Georg Rumpf, Weingut Kruger-Rumpf (Nahe Valley) in the Vineyard during the 2013 German Wine and Culture Tour by ombiasy

The Sun-kissed German South (Germany-South)

From September 14 – September 20, 2014, we will explore three wine regions (Baden, Pfalz, southern Rheinhessen) in the south of Germany and will experience the German red wine revolution. We will visit 16 crème de la crème wineries in southern Germany, normally not open to visitors. We will cross the Rhine River and visit the Maison Trimbach in Alsace to taste the difference between German and Alsatian wines despite the geographic proximity. Among the highlights will be tasting first class Pinot Noirs with the winemakers, and experiencing the culinary South. A special treat will be wine pairing lunches at 1-Michelin-star restaurants.

This is a new tour, with a large number of southern producers of ultra-premium German wine included: Schloss Neuweier, Karl H. Johner, Freiherr von Gleichenstein, Fritz Keller, Huber, Dr. Heger, Zaehringer, Maison Trimbach, Friederich Becker, Rebholz, Bassermann-Jordan, Christmann, Weegmueller, Markus Schneider, Wittmann, Klaus Peter Keller, Gunderloch.

Picture: Tasting in the Courtyard at Weingut Weegmueller in the Pfalz during the 2013 German Wine and Culture Tour by ombiasy

Immersion in Bordeaux

From September 22 – October 02, 2014, we will travel to the Bordeaux wine region with visits to 18 top Chateaux (15 are classified growth), closed to the normal passers-by, in Pessac-Léognan, Saint-Emilion, Pomerol, Entre-Deux-Mer, Sauternes, Médoc, Saint-Estèphe, Pauillac, Saint-Julien, Margaux. The harvest celebration at Château Phélan-Ségur, the in-depth visit of an oyster farmer, and witnessing the art of barrique making at a first class family run cooperage are among the highlights. Very special treats are the many gourmet wine pairing lunches and dinners in a very private setting at famous chateaux where we will be welcomed by the owners.

The tour follows closely the Bordeaux Wine Tour 2013 by ombiasy, with a few estates changed: Pape-Clément, Domaine de Chevalier, Angélus, Canon La Gaffelière, Beauséjour, Figeac, Le Bon Pasteur, Tertre-Rôteboeuf, de Fargues, du Cros, Millésima, Earl Ostrea Chanca oyster farm, Le Reysse, Pichon-Longueville Comtesse de Lalande, Léoville Poyferré, Phélan Ségur, Lafon-Rochet, Latour, Cooperage Berger and Fils, Brane-Cantenac, Haut-Bailly.

Many of the 2013 Bordeaux Wine Tour highlights were covered by postings on schiller-wine. See below.

Picture: With Dany Rolland at Château Le Bon Pasteur in Pomerol during the 2013 Bordeaux Wine Tour by ombiasy

For pricing and details please see:

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Annette Schiller
USA (703) 459-7513

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Postings - 2013 German Wine and Culture Tour by ombiasy 

I have published a series of postings on the 2013 German Wine and Culture Tour by ombiasy. See here:

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German Wine and Culture Tour by ombiasy, 2013

Weingut Pawis in the Saale Unstrut Region - A Profile, Germany

Tasting at Weingut Balthasar Ress, Hattenheim, Rheingau, with Stefan Ress, Germany

Impromptu Winetasting with Alexander Jung, Weingut Jakob Jung, Erbach, Rheingau, Germany

A Tasting at Weingut Peter Jakob Kühn, Rheingau, with Angela and Peter Jakob Kühn, Germany

Tasting with Rita Busch at Weingut Clemens Busch in the Mosel Valley, Germany 

Ernst Loosen Presented his Wines at Weingut Dr. Loosen, Bernkastel-Kues, Mosel Valley, Germany

Cellar Tour, Vineyard Tour, Tasting and Lunch with Georg Rumpf, Weingut Kruger-Rumpf, Nahe Valley, Germany

An Afternoon with Riesling Star Winemaker Helmut Doennhoff at Weingut Doennhoff in Oberhausen in the Nahe Valley, Germany

The World Meets at Weingut Weegmueller, Pfalz, Germany

Tasting with Johannes and Christoph Thoerle, Weingut Thoerle in Saulheim, Rheinhessen, Germany

Impressions from the Mainz Wine Market 2013, Germany

Postings - 2013 Bordeaux Tour by ombiasy 

I have published a series of postings on the 2013 Bordeaux Tour by ombiasy. See here:

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Bordeaux Wine Tour 2013 by ombiasy

An Afternoon at Château Pape-Clément (in 2013), Appellation Pessac-Léognan, Bordeaux

Dinner at Château Canon La Gaffeliere, Appellation Saint-Emilion, Premier Grand Cru Classé, France

Visiting a “Holy” Construction Site: Château Angélus in Saint-Emilion, France

Lunch at Château Le Bon Pasteur with Winemaker/Owner Dany Rolland, Pomerol, France

Tour, Tasting and Lunch at Château Beausejour in AOC Puisseguin-St.Emilion, France

Visit of an Ultra-premium Non-mainstream Bordeaux Producer: Tertre Rôteboeuf, with Owner and Winemaker François Mitjavile

Visiting and Tasting at Château Climens, with Owner Bérénice Lurton, Bordeaux, France 

Lunch, Tour and Tasting with Owner Catherine Thibault d'Halluin (nee Boyer) and Winemaker Julien Noel - Château du Cros, Château Mayne du Cros, Château Courbon and Clos Bourbon, Bordeaux, France

Visiting an Oyster Farm at Arcachon Bay, Bordeaux: Raphael Doerfler at Earl Ostrea Chanca , France

Tour and Tasting at Château Pontet-Canet, with Owner Alfred Tesseron, Bordeaux

Tour, Tasting and Lunch at Château Léoville-Poyferré, with Didier Cuvelier and Anne Cuvelier, France  

A Tour and Tasting at Château Lafon-Rochet in Saint-Estèphe, Bordeaux, with Winemaker and Owner Basile Tesseron (2013), France

A Tour and Tasting at Château Coufran, Haut-Médoc, with Co-owner Frédéric Vicaire, France

Tour and Tasting at Château Lynch-Bages in Bages, Bordeaux, France

Tour at Tonnellerie Berger and Fils: How is a Barrique Made? Bordeaux, France

Wine Dinner at Château Haut-Bailly, Cru Classé de Graves, France

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