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Best German Winemakers - Falstaff Deutschland Wine Trophies 2014

Picture: The Winners: Graf Adelmann, Peter H. Mueller,  Marc Josten and Torsten Klein, Markus Molitor (All Fotos: Weinkaiser)

For the fourth time, the Falstaff Trophies Deutschland were awarded. The wine/food/travel journal Falstaff has been around for a number of years, issued in Vienna, Austria, and reporting about wine, food and travel from an Austrian perspective, for Austria-based readers. About four years ago, Falstaff expanded into the German wine and food scene and started to issue a German version of Falstaff in addition to the well established Austrian version. As part of its expansion, Falstaff has created the annual Falstaff Deutschland Wine Trophies, to be awarded to 4 German wine personalities.

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Markus Molitor, Weingut Markus Molitor (Mosel) is Winemaker of the Year

Falstaff (translated into English by me): Does he make wines or miracles? Both. Markus Molitor is one of the doyens of German viticulture. From his base wines to his grand cru wines, he regularly produces stunning wines. Year after year, he presents a wine portfolio with tremendous diversity and outstanding wines, because Molitor gives his wines space and believes in their character.

Picture: Markus Woehrle, Markus Molitor, Bernhard Pawis

The Runners-up were Bernhard Pawis, Weingut Pawis, and Weingut Stadt Lahr (Fam. Wöhrle)

Christian G.E.Schiller with Bernhard Pawis at Weingut Pawis in the Saale Unstrut Region

Weingut Pawis in the Saale Unstrut Region - A Profile, Germany

Marc Josten and Torsten Klein (Ahr/Mittelrhein) are Newcomers of the Year

Falstaff: Marc Josten and Torsten Klein, one of them “Weinbautechniker” (viticulture technician) and the other “Weinbauingeneur” (viticulture engineer), are “Gratwanderer” (tightrope walkers): They grow wine in the Mittelrhein Valley and in the Ahr Valley and do this with utmost care and passion. 2012 was only their second vintage, which they mastered brilliantly. They produced outstanding Riesling and Pinot Noir. Their motto "sua sponte" - of their own volition - is to be understood literally.

The Runners-up were Emil Bauer + Söhne and Tim Strasser (Rothes Gut).

Picture: Marc Josten and Torsten Klein

Peter H. Müller, »Gourmetrestaurant Lerbach – Nils Henkel«, Bergisch-Gladbach, is Sommelier of the Year

Mueller lived his "Sturm und Drang time" (storm and stress time) in Australia, where he was able to experience all the pros and cons of absolute freedom. There, he made his living as a harvest helper, including of course of grapes. After studying English literature for 3 years at the University of Augsburg, he dropped out of university and surrendered to the enjoyment. Since then, wine is an integral part of his life.

The Runners-up: Sybille Herbst and Ronny Weber

Picture: Ronny Weber, Peter H. Mueller, Sybille Herbst

Lifetime Achievement: Michael Graf Adelmann

Falstaff: Michael Count Adelmann is a lawyer by training. He was at the helm of the family winery for almost 35 years – from 1978 to 2012. The rich-in-tradition winery at Castle Schaubeck can be traced back to the year 950. The initially revolutionary act of the use of oak barrels and half-barrel pieces, the planting of new grape varieties, developed by the Weinsberg school which were stronger in terms of color, and finally the classification of the best vineyard sites: All of this Adelmann has helped shape.

Picture: Michael Graf Adelmann

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