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Frankfurt/Wein Celebrated with the German Wine Queen Nadine Poss and 5 Winemakers: Simone Adams, Weingut Simone Adams, Markus Berres, Weingut C.H. Berres, Stefan Braunewell, Weingut Braunewell, Carmen von Nell-Breuning, Dominikaner Weingut, and Stephan Attmann, Weingut von Winning

Picture: Stefan Braunewell (Weingut Braunewell), Stephan Attmann (Weingut von Winning), Frankfurt/Wein, Nadine Poss (Deutsche Weinkönigin), Frankfurt/Wein, Markus Berres (Weingut C.H. Berres), Simone Adams ( Weingut Simone Adams), Carmen von Nell (Dominikanerweingut von Nell-Breuning)

Frankfurt/Wein is one of the best wine retail stores in Germany. It just won second place in the 2014 Best Wine Retail Shop Competition, organized by the German Wine Institute (DWI) in cooperation with the trade magazine WINE + MARKT. To celebrate this achievement, Gernot Dorsch and Wolfgang L. Feierfeil threw a party for their customers. The German Wine Queen and 5 winemakers joined us for this special event. The 5 winemakers presented one of their wines.

Picture: Christian G.E. Schiller with Nadine Poss (Deutsche Weinkönigin, German Wine Queen)


Frankfurt/Wein is owned and managed by Gernot Dorsch and Wolfgang L. Feierfeil. It is a stylish, chic wine store with a portfolio concentrating on German and French premium wines. In the German portfolio, you find all the big names like Doennhoff, Kuenstler, Dr. Loosen and many more, such as the five winemakers pouring their wines at this event.

Pictures: Tasting at Frankfurt/Wein

The Winemakers and the Wines they Poured

Carmen von Nell-Breuning, Dominikaner Weingut, Ruwer

Carmen von Nell-Breuning has a Ph.D. in economics and worked for 10 years in private equity in Luxembourg, before deciding to go back to the roots and to take over the estate of her family in the Ruwer Valley, close to Trier.

Pictures: Carmen von Nell (Dominikanerweingut von Nell-Breuning)

The winery carries the double-name von Nell-Breuning since 1987, when the famous Theologe and Philosopher Oswald von Nell-Breuning („Nestor der Katholischen Soziallehre“) transferred the Breuning add-on to his nephew and Patensohn Christoph von Nell, who was in charge of the winery at the time.

When Carmen von Nell-Breuning switched jobs she thought about going back to university to study winemaking. But in the end she decided against it and to focus on the management and marketing aspects.

Markus Berres, Weingut C.H. Berres, Mosel

Weingut C.H. Berres is a small (3 hecteras) family estate in Ürzig in the Mosel Valley. It has a rich tradition dating back to the 16th century. It is currently headed by Markus Berres, who took over in 2004 from his father Alfred: Before that Markus had studied winemaking at the University of Geisenheim and worked as an enologist for Chardfarm Winery in New Zealand. Weingut C.H. Berres is very active in the American market, with 75% of the output sold there in peak years.

Pictures: Markus Berres (Weingut C.H. Berres)

Stephan Attmann, Weingut von Winning, Pfalz

Stephan Attmann, Managing Director of Weingut von Winning, was the absolute star of the evening. With his winery in Deidesheim, he belongs to the crème de la crème of German winemakers.

Deidesheim's heydays came at the beginning of the 19th century when estate owner Andreas Jordan was the first to produce high quality wines according to strict selection rules, and the first to introduce the Spätlese in Palatinate. Jordan is also the first to use the vintage, the grape variety and the vineyard site to characterize his wines, thereby setting the trend which will make Deidesheim world famous. When Jordan died in 1848, his enormous estate was split into three, a procedure which has become famous under the name "the Jordan Division." By it, the estates of Geheimer Rat Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan, Reichsrat von Buhl and Dr. Deinhard were formed, all of which became famous on their own.

Pictures: Stephan Attmann (Weingut von Winning)

In 1848, the winery bore the owner's name, Dr. Deinhard. When the owner died, the winery was taken over by his daughter and her husband, Captain Leopold von Winning, with the resulting change in name. The early 20th century was a golden age for von Winning, which also became one of the founders of VDP (Association of German Prädikat Wine Estates). Later, with the owners changing once more, the winery became known as Dr. Deinhard again. Since 2007, the winery belongs to the group of the late Achim Niederberger and since 2009 carries again the name von Winning.

Weingut von Winningen is a 40 hectar producer, with 80% accounted for by Riesling.

The Achim Niederberger Group (run after the untimely death of Achim Niederberger by his wife) owns not only von Winningen, but also Bassermann-Jordan and Reichsrat von Buhl. The 3 estates, which had been divided for many years after the “Jordan Division” are united again. In the villages of Deidesheim, Ruppertsberg and Forst, the Achim Niederberger Group now owns about 150 hectares of the best sites.

In the US, Weingut von Winning is represented by Terry Theise/Michael Skurnik. Therry Theise: THE WINERY OF THE 2013 VINTAGE IS - I hate giving this to the same estate twice in a row, but truth is truth, and VON WINNING is showing that their glorious collection in 2012 was no fluke, but instead the arrival at a lofty place they shall continue to set up house in. Believe me, I wondered. Because those astonishing ‘12s might have been lavished with pixie-dust from the weightless weight of the creamy vintage style. Would the ‘13s be arch and angular again? Not a bit of it. These guys are here to stay. It is conceivable that Von Winning ‘13s will be a little tiny bit less grand than their ‘12s, but it’s definite that their ‘13s are dramatically better than almost everything around them.

Stefan Braunewell, Weingut Braunewell, Rheinhessen

Gault and Millau: Rarely before have we tried such an improve in the wines of a winery. And this is true for several grape varieties: The Pinot Noir has improved again, the St. Laurent is a real top wine. The basis for this is enormous efforts and meticulous precision in the vineyards. The result are outstanding wines that also convey a sense of authenticity and security. … Congratulations to the "Incredible Braunewell Brothers"!

The winery is managed by three brothers: Axel, Stefan and Christian Braunewell, with Stefan focusing on the vineyards and Christian on the cellar. 18 hectares.

Pictures: Stefan Braunewell (Weingut Braunewell)

Simone Adams, Weingut Simone Adams, Ingelheim, Rheinhessen

Simone Adams: As a winemaker, I want to hit the bull's eye. Thereby, elegance, purity and finesse take the center stage of my thoughts. I do not think it is clever to let the subtlety of our climate along the 50 degrees latitude flow into over-ripeness, maximum extraction and a high level of alcohol. I aim at communicating the esprit of the Ingelheim terroir as authentically as possible.

Pictures: Simone Adams ( Weingut Simone Adams)

Simone Adams, now in her early 30s and pregnant, took over the 9 hectares winery of her parents in 2010, after finishing her winemaking studies at the universities of München, Geisenheim and Giessen with a Ph.D. She is rigorously pursuing the aim of producing high quality wines, coupled with an innovative marketing approach: She names all her wines Kaliber (caliber) plus a number (Simone Adams is a passionate hunter). She showed us her Kaliber 16. Rudolph Knoll of Vinum believes: Wenn nicht alles täuscht, wird Simone Adams bald in Rheinhessen das Feld von hinten aufrollen.

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