Thursday, April 23, 2015

Art Exhibition and Wine Tasting with Susan Levin and Annette Schiller, Washington DC, USA

Picture: Susan Levin and Annette Schiller

Thank You

Thank you all for coming to this past weekends Art and Wine Event. It was a pleasure for us to meet new people and to partake in the Wine, Art, Food and exceptional company. Art and Wine really do compliment each other! The way in which we met may seem so unusual and random to most, but we connected immediately and we are so glad we did. We will keep you informed about upcoming events and we hope to hear from you or to see you again very soon. Please keep a lookout for more information about us and our future solo and/or joint events.

Hope to see you soon…

Annette and Susan

Pictures: Susan Levin and Annette Schiller Welcoming their Guests

The Event

Please join us on April 18th from 4pm - 6pm for a Wine-Tasting & Art Exhibit at the North Bethesda, Maryland home of Susan Levin where we will taste a selection of our favorite wines while we enjoy viewing the Abstract Expressionist paintings & Digital Art of Susan Levin and a Wine Tasting led by Annette Schiller of Ombiasy PR & Wine Tours.

There is no charge to attend the event. But we do ask that you bring a bottle of your favorite Pinot Gris or Pinot Noir wine.

Pictures: Art and Wine

Art: Susan Levin

As a painter and digital photographer, I work hard to create pieces that evoke emotion and conversation. While my paintings and photographs are an expression of my moods, they are also an abstract interpretation of real life experiences. I interpret my dreams and often paint what I dream and I embellish my photos with the use of the computer.

Creating new work is a form of playing and designing what is often clearly before my eyes and sometimes what is simply perceived through the lens. It is that combination of being acutely aware and having the ability to clarify what is right before me that makes me passionate about art and love what I do.

For more information: Susan Levin Art: 

Picture: Susan Levin and Annette Schiller

Wine: Annette Schiller

We offer:

Expert, all-inclusive tours to wine regions in France and Germany. In Germany we are the pioneers of the concept to visit all 13 German wine regions with international wine friends.

Custom tailored tours to wine regions in France, Germany, and other wine regions around the world.
Planning and implementation of wine pairing dinners in the Washington DC area and Germany for wineries / châteaux.

Educational presentations on the wines of France and Germany (with and without accompanying tastings).

Conceptualization and organization of promotional events for the food and beverage industry.

Wine Tours in 2015

France: Bourgogne (May) and Bordeaux (September)
Germany: Germany-East (June), Germany-South (September) and Germany-North (September)

For more information: Ombiasy PR & Wine Tours:

Picture: Susan Levin and Annette Schiller

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