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Best Green Sauce (Grüne Sosse) in Frankfurt (2015), Germany

Picture: Ralf Wagner (Apfelwein Adolf Wagner), Christian Schiller and Werner Becker at Apfelwein Wagner, the Winner of the 2015 Grüne Sosse Competition

Green Sauce or Grüne Sosse, is a sauce made of 7 specific herbs: parsley, chives, cress, sorrel, chervil, borage, salad burnet, chopped fine, and mixed with a combination of sour cream, yoghurt or creme fraiche, a bit of oil, vinegar, and mustard, salt and pepper and then served over boiled potatoes with 2 hard-boiled eggs.

Grüne Sosse can be a full meal with just the potatoes and the hard-boiled eggs. Frankfurter Schnitzel is a Schnitzel topped with Grüne Sosse. I like Grüne Sosse with roast beef.

You buy the herbs in white paper packets at any food store; they are widely available during the season.

Pictures: Grüne Sosse (Source: and

The Winners in the 2015 Contest

Grüne Sosse tastes different in every restaurant as everyone seems to have his/her own recipe for it. Some chop the herbs with a knife, others us a blender or food processor; purists argue that is has to be chopped with a knife. Some also use mayonnaise, which I like, but not the purists. It may often have chopped up eggs in the sauce itself, which I like, but not everybody agrees with me.

The annual contest takes place over the course of a week in a large tent in the center of Frankfurt am Main, Germany, during the month of May. Every day, a day winner is chosen. On the last day, the six day winners compete in the final round for the overall winner and the 2 runners-up.

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2015 Overall Winners

Winner: Apfelwein Adolf Wagner, Schweizer Straße 71, 60594 Frankfurt

Pictures: Frankfurter Schnitzel at Apfelwein Adolf Wagner (with Grüne Sosse)

Pictures: Christian Schiller with Apfelwein Adolf Wagner Chef Nico Hoffmann

Pictures: At Apfelwein Adolf Wagner

Second Place: MDR Garten / Gundelhard, 65719 Hofheim-Lorsbach

Third Place: Gerbermühle, Gerbermühlstraße 105, 60594 Frankfurt

Picture: Christian Schiller with Gerbermühle Chef Jörg Ludwig

Picture: The Gerbermühle Grüne Sosse (#3 Overall)

Pictures: Gerbermühle, with Lorelei Schiller

2015 Day Winners

May 2 2015: Apfelwein Wagner (see above)

May 3 2015: Bürgerhaus Rodheim, Grabengasse 12-14, 61191 Rosbach-Rodheim

May 4 2015: Döpfner’s, Schifferstraße 38-40, 60594 Frankfurt

Pictures: Hotel im Maingau, Christian Schiller, Chef Jörg Döpfner with his Father and his Son

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May 5 2015: Gerbermühle (see above)

May 6 2015: Friedberger Warte, Friedberger Landstraße 414, 60389 Frankfurt

May 7 2015: MDR Garten/ Gundelhard, 65719 Hofheim-Lorsbach

May 8 2015: Frankfurter Apfelweinbotschaft, Eschborner Landstr. 154, 60489 Frankfurt

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