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Dinner at La Table de Gourmet (Chef: Jean-Luc Brendel, 1 Star Michelin) in Riquewihr, Alsace, France

Picture: Dinner at La Table de Gourmet (Chef: Jean-Luc Brendel, 1 Star Michelin) in Riquewihr, Alsace, France, with Fabienne Brendel

We went back to a place which impressed us already a few years ago: La Table de Gourmet, a 1 star Michelin restaurant in Riquewihr, Alsace. Last time, we combined the innovative food of Chef Jean-Luc Brendel with the wines of Domaine Hugel. This time, we had a variety of Alsatian wines, including 2 bottles of wines from Domaine Marcel Deiss.

Hugel et Fils Wines and the Cuisine des Emotions de Jean Luc Brendel at Riquewihr in Alsace, France

Pictures: La Table de Gourmet - Just a few Meters down the Road from Maison Hugel


Riquewihr is an amazing village south of Strasbourg in the Vosges. Its layout and structure have not changed since the Middle Age. It is fascinating to look at these old houses built in the XVI ème and XVIIéme siècles, their courtyards, their galleries, the old wells, the fountains. Every piece of architecture is miraculously preserved. If today's Riquewihr resembles so much the Middle Age town it is also because life has not changed much either; life in Riquewihr continue to revolve around wine making and drinking. Wine is everywhere and everything in Riquewihr.

Guide Michelin: At the heart of Alsace’s vineyards, Riquewihr is an essential halt on the wine route. Surrounded by ramparts, the village has been very fortunate to survive war and destruction. Its tiny streets, fortified walls and old houses have preserved their 16C splendour virtually intact, making for remarkable architectural harmony. Always a floral delight whatever the season, it is particularly well decorated during Christmas and Easter.

Picture: At La Table de Gourmet with Fabienne Brendel 5 Years ago, see: Hugel et Fils Wines and the Cuisine des Emotions de Jean Luc Brendel at Riquewihr in Alsace, France

La Table de Gourmet

We had dinner at the restaurant of Jean Luc Brendel. He calls himself a Cuisinier d’emotion and the food and the setting at his La Table du Gourmet in Riquewihr is indeed very emotional. Red is the dominating color in the dining room. It is a one star Michelin restaurant. While Jean Luc Brendel is the magician in the kitchen, Fabienne Brendel, his sister is the sommeliere and maitresse in the dining room.

Pictures: Kitchen with Jean Juc Brendel

La Table de Gourmet: The decor is inspired by the principles of Feng Shui and expresses the creativity behind every dish and the desire for it to be truly memorable. The charm comes also from the building which dates from 16th century and contrasts with contemporary design. A cloud of sculptured glass is suspended from the ceiling as if to stop the progress of time.

Chef Jean-Luc Brendel is passionate about cooking. Rewarded with 1 star by the Guide Michelin, Jean-Luc has become one of the most influential Chefs of the region. Inspired associations of flavors, the subtle presentation of each dish and the sheer refinement of each creation epitomize his gastronomic cuisine that reflects the colors of Alsace.

Pictures: At La Table de Gourmet

His passion has evolved over the years with each new discovery. Meeting new people and visiting new countries has taught him new ways of cooking, without ever losing sight of his roots in Alsace and the town of Riquewihr as his sources of inspiration. Like an artist painting a picture, the Chef Jean-Luc Brendel composes each dish to convey poetry and magic.

Michelin: The bright red beams and walls of this house set the scene in this house whose character is matched by Jean-Luc Brendel's inventive cooking. He uses premium produce, often organic and from his own garden. Original and distinctive.

In December 2015, Chef Jean-Luc Brendel offered 3 different menus: Perfect Match for Euro 38 (Lunch only), Autumn Collection for Euro 78 and Awaken the Senses for Euro 110. We chose the Autumn Collection.

Autumn Collection 2015

Amuses Bouche

Gambero Rosso
Radish Leaves|Pumpkin Purée|Kalamansi|Shell & Citrus Fruits, Saffron

Alsace Foie-Gras & Quince
Quince Jelly & Paper|Walnuts spirit|Cinnamon Berries|Walnuts|Raw Mushroom

Sea Bass & Seaweeds
Farmer Cream|Konbu Water|Cucumber Balls|Seaweeds Chips

Alsace Venison on Juniper Embers
Celery|Beetroot|Pear Mustard|Wood Mushroom|Intense Red Sauce

Tatin Ice Cream|Apple Chips|Milk Meringue|Salty Caramel|Argousier Juice

Raspberry & Pistachio
Raspberry Leaves|Chocolate|Raspberry Ice Cream|Biscuit Pistachio


The Wines

René Muré Crémant d'Alsace, Cuvée Prestige

2010 Marcel Deiss Grasberg

2009 Marcel Deiss Pinot Noir Burlenberg

2012 Marc Tempé Gewürztraminer Mambourg Grand Cru (Verre)
2010 Louis Sipp Pinot Noir Grossberg

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