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March 13, 1435 - Riesling Birthday Festivities Taking Place on a Global Scale (The German Wine Institute)

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Germany's most important grape variety, the Riesling, celebrates its birthday on march 13th. On this day of the year 1435, the grape variety was mentioned for the first time in a written document. From Amsterdam (NL) to Toronto (CA), actions under the hashtag #rieslingbirthday take place worldwide.

These range from influencer events to masterclasses, "feast dinner" evening events to digital media campaigns. All 14 ‘Wines of Germany’ information offices as well as the respective social media channels are part of the global birthday activities, e.g.:
Almost a quarter of the vineyard acreage in Germany carries Riesling grapes. This variety is considered the figurehead of German viticulture. Riesling determines the global image of the 13 German growing regions like no other variety. Germany is considered the home of Riesling, because 45 percent of all Rieslings worldwide grow here.

Picture: The History of Riesling

The early distribution of Riesling with first evidence in Germany for the 15th century, the growth, the size of the grape berries, the long maturation period and frost resistance show the relationship with wild vines. Winegrowers in the Rheingau and on the Moselle have the longest Riesling tradition; from there there are historical documents dating to the years 1435 and 1465, respectively. Evidence of the spread in today's Rheinhessen and the Pfalz region (Palatinate) date back to the end of the 15th and the first half of the 16th century.

Editor's note: For the years to come, The German Wine Institute (DWI) plans to integrate and establish #RieslingBirthday (march 13th) in its’ annual communication- and marketing work.

Picture: Cheers to the Discovery of Riesling

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