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Announcement: Upcoming ombiasy Wine Tours 2020 - (1) Alsace and Germany South, (2) Rhône Valley, (3) Bordeaux and (4) Germany: Christmas Market, Wine, Concert Tour

Picture: Annette and Christian Schiller in the Rheingau, Germany

Dear friends,

as many of you know I lived six years in France and francophone African countries and I came to learn and to appreciate the fact that the deadline for sending out New Year’s greetings is January 31. I happily adopted this tradition.

I wish all of you a wonderful and successful year 2020. I hope your life will be full of surprise and joy in the new year that just began. May You be blessed with everything you want in life.

Some very interesting tours are on the horizon in 2020:

Alsace and Germany’s Pinot Noir country; the Rhône Valley; Bordeaux, and a Christmas Market, Wine, Concert tour end of November / early December (I do not have the exact dates yet - I am waiting for the concert programs and the exact dates for the Christmas markets)

Alsace and Germany South: May 15 – May 23, 2020 
Germany is so closely identified with Riesling (and yes, it is the largest producer of Riesling world-wide) that you may be surprised to learn that the country is also very strong regarding the Burgundy grapes. It the third-largest producer of Pinot Noir (Spätburgunder), the largest producer of Pinot Blanc (Weissburgunder), and the second largest producer of Pinot Gris (Grauburgunder) in the world. Join us as we discover the southern German wine regions that produce bone dry, opulent Rieslings, outstanding Pinot Noirs and whites from Burgundy grapes. We will step across the Rhine River to compare the wines of the Eastern (German) and Western (French) Rhine valley and we will get a feel for the beautiful, quaint Alsace region with its incredible picturesque wine villages dotted with half-timbered century old buildings. Enjoy the Pfalz, the second largest German wine region by growing area and only topped by Rheinhessen, which it borders to the north. From there, the Pfalz stretches to the French border 53 miles to the south and borders Alsace. In this region French and German vineyards melt into one another and some wineries on the French side own vineyards in Germany and vice versa. only 3 slots left!
For detailed information on the tour schedule, please check: https://ombiasypr.com/index.php/wine-tours/germany-south/germany-south-alsace-itinerary
For pricing and registration, please go to:  https://ombiasypr.com/index.php/wine-tours/germany-south/germany-south-alsace-registration

Picture: Dinner in Beautiful Riquewhir, Alsace. See: The Sun-Kissed South: Germany’s Pinot Noir, the Other Whites, the Culinary Regions - Germany-South and Alsace 2018 Tour by ombiasy WineTours: Baden, Alsace, Pfalz and Rheinhessen         

Rhône: June 08 - June 17, 2020
Join us as we explore in detail the wines of the Rhône Valley. We start in vibrant, cool, sophisticated Lyon, the capital of Haut Cuisine. We stop in the Northern Rhône where names such as Côte Rôtie, Crozes-Hermitage make us crave a glass of wine. We follow the eponymous Rhône river south to Avignon, the city that was the seat of the papacy for the better part of the 14th century. We spend two nights in Châteauneuf du Pape exploring the famous wines. We do a side-kick to the gorgeous Dentelles de Montmirail where we find the wines of Gigondas, Vacqueyras, Séguret, and the sweet wines of Rasteau and Baumes de Venice, and of course we visit famous Roman sites such as the Pont du Gard and the city of Arles where we also trace van Gogh’s steps. The southern Rhône belongs to Provence. Provence: this immediately ignites a deep yearning for the fragrance coming from purple Lavender fields, for the special light the Impressionist artists masterfully captured in their paintings, for a very special "savoir vivre", and for the dark red, fruity, spicy wines. only 4 slots left!
For detailed information on the tour schedule, please check: https://ombiasypr.com/index.php/wine-tours/rhone/rhone-itinerary
For pricing and registration, please go to: https://ombiasypr.com/index.php/wine-tours/rhone/rhone-registration       
Pictures: At the Pont du Gard in the Southern Rhône Valley. See: Rhône Valley Tour 2018 by ombiasy WineTours: Wine, Culture and History, France

Bordeaux: September 01 – September 10, 2020
Join us as we explore Sauternes, Pessac-Léognan, Margaux, Saint-Julien, Pauillac, Saint-Estèphe, Médoc, Saint-Emilion, Pomerol, Entre-deux-Mers, and Blaye, where we will visit well-known classified Châteaux, classified under-the-radar Châteaux, and so-called “Petits-Châteaux” producing phenomenal wines. Wine and food, that’s so important in Bordeaux, and wine pairing lunches or dinners at famous châteaux with the owner or Managing Director are an almost daily routine. Besides doing Châteaux hopping, I will also show you other aspects of “Bordeaux” that the usual wine tours do not do: we will be introduced to the “Place de Bordeaux” buying and selling system unique in Bordeaux by visiting a négociant house, a wine merchant; we will visit a cooper to see from A to Z how a barrique is being made; we go to the basin d’Arcachon to see how an oyster is raised; we will experience the big bodies of water so important for the Bordeaux climate: the mighty Gironde estuary and the Atlantic ocean. Instead of sitting for 3 to 4 hours in traffic every day going back and forth to Bordeaux city we will travel around, spending nights in the heart of the Left Bank in Pauillac and in the heart of the Right Bank in Saint-Émilion to “feel” the vineyards; and of course we will spend some time in the vibrant, hip, cultural, cool city of Bordeaux.  
For detailed information on the tour schedule, please check: https://ombiasypr.com/index.php/wine-tours/bordeaux/bordeaux-itinerary
For pricing and registration, please go to: https://ombiasypr.com/index.php/wine-tours/bordeaux/bordeaux-registration 

Pictures: Total Immersion in Bordeaux: World Class Wines and Exquisite French Gourmet Cuisine - Bordeaux Tour 2019 by ombiasy WineTours, France
Don’t hesitate to contact me anytime at aschiller@ombiasypr.com if you would like to know more details. I am more than happy to answer all your queries.


Picture: At the Frankfurt Christmas Market, 2015, Germany  

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