Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Dinner at L’ Ecume in Frankfurt, with Chef/ Owner Alexandre Sadowczyk - 45th Wedding Anniversary, Germany

Picture: Dinner at L'Ecume

Annette Schiller and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner at L'Ecume in the Nordend yesterday. We celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary. Chef and owner Alexandre Sadowczyk is French. He came to Frankfurt in 2014. L’Ecume is his first own restaurant, a small bistro that could be in the 7th arrondissement in Paris, where we used to live. 

Alexandre Sadowczyk wants to offer fusion cuisine, French flair with a local twist. Reflecting his roots, Alexandre Sadowczyk`s wine list is dominated by French wines and in particular strong in terms of Champagnes. 

Alexandre Sadowczyk started his career in Frankfurt at Lafleuer (2 stars Michelin) and also worked at Weinsinn (1 star Michelin). 

The menu is small. This month there are 9 items on it. You can choose between any of them, starting with 4 courses for Euro 65. Annette and I both took the 5 courses menu with accompanying wines (for Euro 45). Between the two of us, except for the meat course, we were able to taste all courses on ther menu. 

Pictures:  Chef and Owner Alexandre Sadowczyk and Chef de Restaurant/ Sommelier David John Zisow

L'Ecume is listed in the Michelin Guide, but not (yet) in the Gault Millau Guide. I would put L'Ecume at 15 points in terms of the Gault Millau Guide rating system. The food reminded me very much of bidlabu (15 points) and SchauMahl (15 points). 

Yesterday, we were dining with 6 other people in the restaurant. Chef de Restaurant/ Sommelier David John Zisow, a compatriot from the Washington DC area, took very good care of us. 



Maïs Limette - Avocado
Sardine en Escabèche Eicrème - Hollunder - Senfgurken  

Aubergine Pflaume - Kapern
Tomate Feigen - Burrata 

Meeräsche Grüner Erbsen - Cantaloup Melone - Rosemarin

Tête de Moine Käse Apfel - Minze
Pfirsich Pistazie - Salbei

  „Frankfurter 7 Grüne Kräuter“ 

Petits Fours

45th Wedding Anniversary

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