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Dinner at an Iconic Beisl in Vienna: Griechenbeisl - Austria 2023 by ombiasy WineTours

Griechenbeisl: Those who love Vienna dine at the Griechenbeisl, the oldest Inn in town. Enjoy traditional Viennese dining in a cosy historical ambiance. Find yourself in the same room in which famous guests like Mark Twain, Beethoven, Mozart, Luciano Pavarotti and Johnny Cash enjoyed their dinner.
Austria 2023 by ombiasy WineTours took place from Sunday, May 28 - Thursday, June 08, 2023. We toured Austria for 12 days, starting and ending in Vienna: Wien, Wagram, Carnuntum, Burgenland, Steiermark, Wachau, Kamptal, Kremstal, Traisental, Wien. 
Coming by train from Munich, Annette and I arrived in Vienna on the day before the tour started. For dinner, we went to the Griechenbeisl, close to the Mercure Wien Zentrum, where the group stayed for the first night. We bumped into Bruce and Vicky and joined them at their table.


As the Heurige and the Vienna Coffee House, the Beisl is a Viennese institution. This is where I eat my Vienna Schnitzel and have a couple of glasses of good Austrian wine. Expect to share a table with other customers. The term 'Beisl' probably comes from the Yiddish word 'bajiss', meaning 'house'. 


The Griechenbeisl (Beisl of the Greeks) is the oldest restauraunt in town. The first documentary mention of the Griechenbeisl dates back to 1447. 

The restaurant derives its name from the Levantine merchants who lived in the quarter where the Griechenbeisl is located. Regardless of its name, the food that was served in the Griechenbeisl has always been traditional Viennese cuisine.

Historically important is the year 1852 when the host Leopold Schmied decided to bring the completely new Pilsener Urquell from Pilsen in Bohemia to Vienna for the first time. Until today, the Griechenbeisl is the place to go if you want a Pilsener Urquell in Vienna. 

For many centuries the Griechenbeisl was a meeting place for artists, scholars and politicians many of whom are immortalized by their signatures on the walls the famous ‘Mark Twain Room’. In this room you will find signatures from the likes of Karl Lueger, Graf Bismarck, Egon Schiele or Johnny Weissmüller.

The ground floor consists of 5 guest rooms (Rundes Zimmer, Zitherstüberl, Karlsbader and Mark Twain room). On the 1st floor are 3 more guest rooms (Jagdzimmer, Kerzenzimmer and Biedermeier room).

In addition to the names mentioned above, among the many prominent guests that the Griechenbeisl has seen over the centuries are: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Richard Wagner, Mark Twain, Johnny Cash, Phil Collins, Luciano Pavarotti and Barry Manilow, to name a few.


Annette had a Griechenbeisl Trilogie and a Kaiserschmarrn. 

I had a Leberknödelsuppe and Steak Tartare. 

Wine: 2021 Weingut Wieninger, Gemischter Satz.


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Dinner at an Iconic Beisl in Vienna: Griechenbeisl - Austria 2023 by ombiasy WineTours

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