Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In the Glass: A 1976 Riesling Hochheimer Reichesthal Spaetlese

Picture: Hochheimer Reichesthal

Picture: Benjamin, Friedhilde and Christian G.E. Schiller

We had dinner with on old Riesling from Hochheim/Rheingau.

1976 Hochhheimer Reichesthal
Riesling Spaetlese trocken
Weingut Karl-Heinz Lauer

I still remember vividly when we bought this wine at the end of an amazing wine tasting at the Lauer winery in a dark and damp centuries-old wineceller, during which Mr. Lauer did not stop opening one treasure after the other. With that in my head, we approached the wine with an enormous amount of respect. Of course, it was over-aged with a strong sherry note, but this wine embodied so much for us.

Lauer is a typical family-run winery in Hochheim/Rheingau/Germany with 4 hectars of land. The traces of the winery go back to 1621. All the wine the Lauer family produces is sold directly at the winery, either directly as I bought a couple of cases 30 years ago or in the "Gutsausschank Reblaus" a wonderful brasserie which is open from Monday to Friday in the evening all year around.

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