Friday, September 18, 2009

The Wine Region South-West of France

Funny...Dave McIntyre from the Washington Post and Eric Asimow from the New York Times covered the same wine region in their weekly wine column last Wednesday: the South of France. And both came to the same conclusion that the wines there remain stylistically unpredictable. One never knows whether one has a New World-style fruit bomb in the bottle or a lighter wine with a more delicate balance of flavors.

I would like to add: the South West of France, with the Cahors (the Malbec has its roots here before it became the signature grape of Argentina), Jurancon, Gaillac, Madiran and--my favorite--tiny Irouleguy (see my wine in the glass column of September 10, 2009).

To complement that, last night I drank a

2006 Domaine Larribere, Bearn Rouge, Cave des Producteurs, Gan, Appelation Bearn Controlee

A wine made by a wine-cooperative in the Jurancon, this is an Old World-style wine with a lot of tannin, as the Tannat grape is dominating the cuvee.

I bought the wine for Euro 4.60 at Jacques' Weindepot in Frankfurt/Germany.

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