Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Restaurants with Impressive Wine Lists in the San Francisco Bay Area

I love to spend time in the San Francisco Bay area, for the food, the wine, the opera, the bay athmosphere and last but not least my daughter Katharina, who lives with her partner Kevin in Berkeley.

Eric Asimov from the New York Times has written a couple of interesting articles about the wine lists of some restaurants in the San Francisco bay area. You find them here and here. He reviewed the wine list at Nopa, RN74, the Slanted Door and A16. He also mentioned the wine list at Aziza, especially noteworthy as it’s a Moroccan restaurant, not the sort usually associated with great wine lists and La Ciccia, a Sardinian restaurant with an excellent list, or Adesso in Oakland, where the list is almost as good as the sensational salumi.

I can recommend Spruce on 3640 Sacramento Street. Spruce not only has an amazing wine list with about 1.300 bottles of wine from all over the world. As a German and lover of German Riesling, of particular note is the outstanding selection of over 160 German Rieslings. They pair beautifully with Chef Sullivan’s house made charcuterie. As a minus, I am a fan of the dry Rieslings; Spruce offers not more than a handful of those. The wine list is dominated by sweet German Rieslings.

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