Friday, October 23, 2009

Winemaker- winery: Generation Riesling

Picture: Generation Riesling wine makers

In visiting wineries in Germany, I have met many young, well trained, cosmopolitan and ambitious winemakers, ofteny from family owned wineries. The German wine industry is dominated by small and medium size wineries. The Deutsche Wein Institute in Mainz (Germany) has now created a new marketing tool, a web site, for this group of winemakers to help them in their efforts to promote their wine.

“By launching the website, we have created a supra-regional platform for the young generation of winemakers”, explained DWI managing director Monika Reule. The DWI has been looking for young people, under 35, who belong to this group of winemakers, and who are ready to take part in events, quasi as ambassadors of the Generation Riesling and as young representatives of Germany’s modern, high-quality and dynamic viticulture. Language skills, professional education and experience abroad were among the selection criteria.

The website provides member profiles, including statements about their wine making philosophies. Furthermore, the pages provide information on events and news related to the individual members, but also on joint activities conducted by the Generation Riesling. Different search functions, e.g. for wines, certain grape varieties or regions as well as diverse event types make it easier to find of certain members and are also supposed to encourage users to contact Generation Riesling directly.

The name Generation Riesling indeed places special emphasis on the Riesling as currently being the flagship German grape variety, but it also includes winemakers, who rather rely on Silvaner, Lemberger, Burgundy or other grape varieties.

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