Thursday, January 21, 2010

Prinz zu Salm-Salm elected President of the International Wine and Spirit Competition

Picture: Michael Prinz zu Salm-Salm

The International Wine and Spirit Competition is an annual competition, which many wine experts consider to be the premier of its kind in the world. At the heart of it is a rigorous two-stage judging process of professional blind tasting and detailed technical (chemical and microbiological) analysis that takes place at the Competition's headquarters in Surrey, UK. The Competition is backed by a group of most influential men and women in the trade.

The VdP - Verband Deutscher Praedikatsweingueter issued a press release indicating that Michael Prinz zu Salm-Salm has been elected President of the International Wine and Spirit Competition. See below. I have tasted Salm-Salm wines recently and my tasting notes on a Salm-Salm wine follow.

Press Release VdP: Michael Prinz zu Salm-Salm, honorary president of VDP, is elected president of the International Wine and Spirit Competition. It is a great honor since the competition is backed by a group of vice presidents made up of the most influential men and women in the trade, including Baroness Philippine de Rothschild, Miguel Torres, Marchese Piero Antinori, Robert Drouhin, Robert Mondavi, May de Lencquesaing, Kenneth Graham and Sir Anthony Greener.

Prinz Salm was born in 1953 to the distinguished Salm-Dalberg family, one of Europe's oldest and most venerated. Since the time of Charlemagne, for more than a thousand years, the family heritage has been tied to the land, with interests and holdings in forestry, agriculture and wine.

Prinz Salm-Salm's great love is wine, and he takes an active role in the two estates controlled by his family. The Prinz Salm Dalberg'sches Weingut in the Nahe, dates back to A.D. 932 and is reputedly the world's oldest estate remaining within one family.

In addition to the wineries, Prinz Salm-Salm is founder and managing partner of Salm-Salm & Partner GmbH, an investment and real estate consulting company. Among various duties and honorary positions he is also chairman of the Association of Land Proprietors in Germany and President of the Association of German Forest Proprietors.

Salm-Salm wines are imported into the US by Valckenberg. Together with Don Winkler from the International Wine Review I did a tasting of wines imported by Valckenberg. My tasting notes:

2008, Two Princes Riesling, QbA, Nahe, Salm-Salm US$ 15, 86 Points

Schloss Wallhausen is one of Germany's oldest wine estates. Prinz zu Salm, the estate owner and current president of the VdP (Association of Prädikat Wine Estates), can trace his family tree back to 932 and his vineyards to 1200. “Two Princes” P2 is the signature wine of Prince Michael and Prince Constantin zu Salm-Salm, members of the 31st and 32nd generation of winemakers at Schloss Wallhausen.

Picture: Christian G.E.Schiller

The Nahe vineyards are scattered among the fields and orchards of the Hunsrück hills and the Soonwald forest along the Nahe river, situated between the Rhine and Mosel valleys.

Affordable easy drinking wine from one of Germany’s oldest wine estates with a light sweetness. Light gold in the glass. Flavours of tropical fruit with a crisp finish.

Alc. by Vol.: 11.0 %, residual sugar: 2.81 %(28.1 g/l), acidity: 0.76 % (7.6 g/l), 100 % Riesling

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  1. Prinz Michael is the President of the IWSC (International Wine and Spirit Competition) and not the IWC which is a completely different competition and not considered to be as prestigious.

  2. Thanks for the info. I corrected the posting accordingly.