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Best German Wines and Winemakers – Eichelmann Wine Guide Deutschland 2013 Awards, Germany

Picture: Christian G.E. Schiller and Joachim and Silvia Heger, Weingut Dr. Heger. Joachim Heger won the Eichelmann Best Red Wine Collection Award; Joachim Heger is also the Gault Millau WeinGuide 2013 Winemaker of the Year

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Joachim Heger, Weingut Dr. Heger: Winemaker of the Year, Gault Millau WeinGuide Deutschland 2013, Germany

There are 3 influential wine guides in Germany: the Eichelmann and the GaultMillau, followed by the Feinschmecker. 

The 2013 Eichelmann Wine Guide Deutschland was released in November 2012.

The Eichelmann uses a scale of 1 to 5 stars. I have already reported about the 5- star-producers in  the Eichelmann Wine Guide Deutschland 2013, it is a group of 28 winemakers.

Picture: Gerhard Eichelmann at the 2012 VDP.Grosses Gewaechs Pre-release Tasting in Wiesbaden, sitting just behind me

Germany’s 2011 VDP Grosses Gewaechs – Grand Cru - Wines Released. Notes from the Pre-release Tasting in Wiesbaden, Germany

Here are the special awards of the Eichelmann Wine Guide Deutschland 2013.

Best White Wine Collection of the Year: Weingut Rainer Sauer (Franken)

“If you like Silvaner, go to Escherndorf and visit Rainer Sauer” said Gerhard Eichelmann.

Best Red Wine Collection of the Year: Joachim Heger and his Weingut Dr. Heger (Baden) 

Gerhard Eichelmann: “Year after year, Joachim Heger makes fascinating Pinot Noir wines, both from the Ihringer Winklerberg and the Achkarrer Schlossberg. In the last few years, they had even more finesse and have become even more complex, more Burgundian.”

Best Collection of Noble-Sweet Wines of the Year: Thomas Haag and his Weingut Schloss Lieser (Mosel) 

Gerhard Eichelmann: “Outstanding, fascinating wines with a lot of finesse and elegance, very complex and never ending on the palate.”

Rising Star of the Year: André Landgraf’s and his Weingut Landgraf (Saulheim, Rheinhessen)

Gerhard Eichelmann: “André Landgraf’s organic wines are a good example of the general upswing in the Rheinhessen region”.

Wine Classics (A wine of high quality, which shows year after year a clear profile)

Morstein Grosses Gewaechs Riesling of Weingut Wittmann in Westhofen, Rheinhessen

Picture: Christian G.E. Schiller with Philipp Wittmann in Mainz

Best Riesling 2002 (Re-tasted after 10 Years)

Monzinger Halenberg Riesling Auslese trocken, Weingut Emrich-Schönleber (Nahe)

Best Other Red Wine 2002 (Re-tasted after 10 Years)

Lemberger trocken "S", Weingut Dautel (Württemberg)

Best Pinot Noir 2002 (Re-tasted after 10 Years)

Spätburgunder "R" Bürgstadter Centgrafenberg, Weingut Paul Fürst (Franken)

Picture: Paul Fuerst, Weingut Rudolf Fuerst, at Schloss Johannisberg, Germany. The 2009 Weingut Rudolf Fürst Centgrafenberg Spätburgunder Grosses Gewächs was ranked #4 overall and was #2 of the German wines at a now famous Tim Atkin Pinot Noir Tasting in London, where German wines performed very strongly: The Tim Atkin Pinot Noir Taste-Off of October 2011: Germany Versus the Rest of the World - German Red Wines Show Stong Performance 

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