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Complete List of Wine Blogs in the World (April 2013)

Picture: Christian G.E. Schiller with Wine Blogger Panos Kakaviatos. Panos runs the blog Connections to Wine and also writes for the Decanter. For more on Panos Kakaviatos, see: A Glass of Bordeaux – What Else? – With Wine Journalist Panos Kakaviatos

The Organizers of the American Wine Bloggers Conference have made an attempt to compile an as complete as possible list of wine bloggers in the world. The total of the lists you currently see online is 1,423 blogs strong. This total was divided into Citizen Blogs of North America (639 total), Citizen Blogs throughout the rest of the world (330), Press Blogs (53), and Industry Blogs (401).

Picture: Washington DC Wine Bloggers - (from left to right) Christian Schiller (schiller-wine) Isaac James Baker (Reading, Writing and Wine) Annette Schiller (Ombiasy Wine Tours) Aaron Nix-Gomez (Hogshead Wine) David White (Terroirist) Frank Morgan (Drink What You Like)

For more see:
Virginia versus the World – A Blind Taste-Off, USA

“We provide this list publicly in hopes it helps make connections – allowing you to find other bloggers in your area or somewhere you plan to travel, follow key players on Twitter, or make introductions between bloggers and businesses. We are working on providing this list in a searchable format. We know things will change – quickly – and we hope you will help us keep this list updated. If you see blogs in the wrong category that are no longer up to date (we remove blogs that haven’t been active in the past nine months), or have missing information, please let us know!”

2013 American Wine Bloggers Conference

The 2013 Wine Bloggers Conference will take place June 6-8 in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada.

Up to 400 citizen wine bloggers, industry bloggers, and other wine and social media professionals will gather from throughout the world to meet, learn, and share at this, the sixth annual conference.

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