Wednesday, December 10, 2014

4 Wine Tours by ombiasy coming up in 2015: Germany-East, Germany-South. Germany-Nord and Bordeaux

Picture: Annette Schiller with Armin and Monika Diel, Owners, Schlossgut Diel in the Nahe Region, and Didier Cuvelier,  Owner, Château Léoville-Poyferré in Bordeaux, at Weingut Robert Weil in the Rheingau Region. We will visit both estates in 2015 on the Germany-North and Bordeaux tours by ombiasy.

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New Vintage Tasting at Schlossgut Diel, with Armin and Caroline Diel, Germany, 2014
Tour, Tasting and Lunch at Château Léoville-Poyferré, with Didier Cuvelier and Anne Cuvelier, France

A couple of days ago, Annette Schiller announced her wine tours by ombiasy program for the coming year. It includes 3 tours to Germany (East, South, North) and 1 tour to Bordeaux. 
Annett Schiller. Dear friends of good wine,

I would like to let you know about my wine tours in 2015. All itineraries have been finalized, the website is up to date and everything is set up for you to be able to sign up online.

This year, I cover ALL! 13 wine regions in Germany and of course my love, when it comes to red wine: Bordeaux. 

Please check my website: The itineraries are spelled out in detail so you know exactly what you get when you join me on one of these tours. To make it very easy for you I included the direct link to the itinerary after each brief tour description.

All tours will be in English. Feel free to disseminate this information to people whom you know and who are interested in touring wineries in Germany or Bordeaux.

Tour 1: June 11 - June 20, 2015:   GERMANY EAST   (USD  4,195 per person / dbl occupancy)
This 10 day very special tour allows wine lovers and aficionados of the arts to experience what the statement “wine is a form of art” entails. We will live the profound relationship between wine, music, dance, and visual arts by visiting Germany’s beautiful wine regions in the East and the cradle of German intellectual thinking. We will visit 19 top wineries, among them wineries that embody the wine and art approach, and attend 3 performances at world-renowned theater houses.    (for this tour people will have to hurry up to sign up because of the limited availability of the theater tickets!!)

Tour 2: August 30 - September 05, 2015:   GERMANY SOUTH    (USD  3,595 per person / dbl occupancy)
This 7 day tour takes us to the southernmost German wine regions and we will experience the German red wine revolution, in particular gorgeous Pinot-Noirs. We are going to visit 16 wineries, among them Germany’s unconventional, but exceptionally gifted winemakers. This tour has a strong culinary component reflecting the southern German region's affinity with good food, and proximity to culinary Alsace in France across the Rhine.

Tour 3: September 06 - September 12, 2015:   GERMANY NORTH    (USD  3,695 per person / dbl occupancy)
This 7 day tour lets us explore the regions that are quintessential to understand “Riesling”. We will visits 18 wineries and a lot of cultural gems, including a cruise on the romantic Rhine River with its castle- and vine-ribboned bank; the Mosel valley with its dizzying steep vineyards; delving into 2000 years of history; and tasting first class wines at world-renowned wine estates.

Tour 4: September 15 - September 24, 2015:  BORDEAUX    (USD  4,995 per person / dbl occupancy)
Spend 10 days in Bordeaux! ”Bordeaux” embodies more than just wine. In France the interplay of wine and food is very important and plays an integral part of our journey through the Bordeaux wine region. Drawing on our love and deep knowledge of the region as well as our personal ties to many of the players in the Bordeaux wine scene, we will visit many of the hidden gems that other tours pass by, but which are essential to feel what Bordeaux is all about. In a nutshell: this is an on ground Bordeaux wine class.

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