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#Winelover-s With High Klout Scores (65+), December 2014

Picture: Annette Schiller, ombiasy POR and WineTours, Jancis Robinson, #1 on the List, and Christian Schiller in Switzerland

Periodically, you find rankings of wine writers (bloggers, journalists, multipliers) in the internet with the 100 or so most important wine writers. The most recent ranking is a list put together by Luiz Alberto, founder of the #winelover-s community, published on December 1, 2014, and updated during the following days. Luiz Alberto used the Klout scores of members of the large #winerlover-s community to establish his list.

Klout uses various networks to measure influence including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Instagram, Bing, Google+, Tumblr, Foursquare, YouTube, Blogger, WordPress, Last.fm, Yammer and Flickr to derive a score that ranges from 0 to 100. Klout critics argue that Klout measures activity (quantitiy), but not content (quality). And they have a point. 

Christian Schiller is on the list, with 65 points score.

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Luiz Alberto's New List

Luiz Alberto: I prepared a list of the #winelover-s (people who love wine and that dedicate – a lot of – time to talk about it!) with scores 65+.

They are the top people in the wine industry who efficiently use social media and I’m very proud to be part of it.

Picture: Christian G.E. Schiller (65), Luiz Alberto (78) and Magnus Reuterdahl (75) - 3 #winelover-s, who are on the new list.

Are you a #winelover and your score is 65 or higher? You should be on this list… In case you aren’t, please let me know and I’ll fix it ASAP!

Great to see that Jancis Robinson remains at the top. Hard to think of someone with her credibility in the wine industry who uses social media as efficiently as she does… so I guess that Jancis also gives credibility to Klout! :) Not to mention that she is closely followed by a few other stars of the “winesphere”.

Jancis Robinson: 84

Tim Atkin: 82
Jamie Goode: 82

The Wine Wankers: 81

Jon Thorsen: 80
Alder Yarrow: 80

Randall Grahm: 78
Luiz Alberto: 78

Katherine Cole: 77
Fabien Lainé: 77
Andre Ribeirinho: 77

Paul Mabray: 76

Nicolette Waterford: 75
Nannette Eaton: 75
Magnus Reuterdahl: 75

Ted Lelekas: 74
Dusan Jelic: 74
Andrea Gori: 74

Robert McIntosh: 73
Peter Handzus: 73
Marilena Barbera: 73
Emmanuel Delmas: 73

Wine Folly: 72
Sarah May Grunwald: 72
Russ Beebe: 72
Rick Bakas: 72

Ricardo Bernardo: 71
Nacho Sanz Maestre: 71
Meg Maker: 71
Ken Waggoner: 71
Elisabetta Tosi: 71

Leeann Froese: 70
Ryan Opaz: 70
Giampiero Nadali: 70
Ed Thralls: 70
Arto Koskelo: 70
Andrea Petrini: 70

John Corcoran: 69
Christian Callec: 69
Ana Sofia de Oliveira: 69

Vinumvitis Carlos: 68
Vincent Pétré: 68
Simon Woolf: 68
Panos Kakaviatos: 68
Jasmine Hirsch: 68
Sean Piper: 68

Reka Haros: 67
Magnus Ericsson: 67
Karina Aggarwal: 67
Jameson Fink: 67
Clayton Bahr: 67
Dracaena Wines:67
Martin Redmond: 67
Blanca Valbuena: 67

Karin Carvalho: 66
Helmut Knall: 66
Eric Asimov: 66
Cathrine Todd: 66
Natalie MacLean: 66
Ralf Kaiser: 66
Chiara Giovoni: 66
Shiba Sommelier: 66
Michelle Williams: 66

Stéphane Ferreira: 65
Rita Takaró: 65
Christian Schiller: 65
Elena Roppa: 65
Debra Meiburg: 65
Mario Scheuermann: 65
Jens De Maere: 65
Loreena #GK Meda: 65
Cindy Rynning: 65

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