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Weinfeder 2015 Awards go to OIV President Professor Christmann and Klingelberger 1782 Group, Germany

Picture: Wine Personality of the Year 2015, Prof. Monika Christmann, with Monika Reule, Managing Director of the DWI (Deutsches Wein Institut) and Wolfgang Junglas, President of the Weinfeder Association

The 2015 Weinfeder Awards went to the Klingelberger 1782 Group (German Wine Critic Award) and to OIV President Prof. Christmann (Wine Personality of the Year Award). Weinfeder is the association of German wine journalists, of which I am a member. I participated in the award ceremony in Mainz.

Pictures: Wolfgang Junglas, President of the Weinfeder Association

Wine Personality of the Year 2015: Monika Christmann

Monika Christmann, Professor at the Geisenheim University, where many of Germany’s elite winemakers got their education, is Weinfeder’s Wine Personality of the Year. There are many reasons, why she was chosen, but one important one is that Professor Dr. Monika Christmann was elected President of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) earlier this year. She succeed Claudia Inés Quini from Argentina.

The OIV, based in Paris, is an intergovernmental, international organisation with recognized scientific and technical competence in the areas of vine, wine, wine-based drinks, table grapes, raisins, and other vine products. Currently, the organization represents the interests of 45 member states.

Picture: Wine Personality of the Year 2015, Prof. Monika Christmann, with Monika Reule, Managing Director of the DWI (Deutsches Wein Institut) and Wolfgang Junglas, President of the Weinfeder Association. Monika Reule gave the Laudatory Speech. 

Since 1994, Monika Christmann has been the Director of the Institute of Oenology at Geisenheim University (the Geisenheim Research Institute until 2013).

Professor Christmann studied Beverage Technology in Geisenheim and graduated thereafter with a degree in Oenology from the Justus Liebig University of Giessen. Following this, she became the Quality Manager in Research and Development at H. Sichel Söhne GmbH in Alzey. From 1991 to 1993, she worked as a Laboratory Manager and a member of the SIMI Winery Winemaker Team in Healdsburg, California. In 1994, she accepted the position as a Professor of Oenology at Geisenheim University. For many years, she has been very active in the field of research, academic education, and lifelong learning all over the world.
At OIV, she was the President of the Wine Technology Committee from 2004 to 2010, the President of the Oenology Commission from 2009 to 2010, and the 2nd Deputy of the President since 2012.

German Wine Critic Award 2015: Klingelberger 1782 Association

The German Wine Critic Award 2015 went to an association of winemakers from the Ortenau in Baden, the Klingelberger 1782 Association.

In 1782, the Margrave Karl Friedrich von Baden planted 2,200 two-year-old Riesling vines in his Klingelberg vineyard at Staufenberg Castle in the Ortenau wine region and created the first single grape variety vineyard (Riesling) in Baden. Klingelberger became a synonym for high quality Riesling in the Ortenau.

Pictures: Rudolf Knoll, Journalist, Members of the Klingelberger 1782 Association and Wolfgang Junglas, President of the Weinfeder Association. Rudolf Knoll gave the Laudatory Speech.

A few years ago, about a dozen winemakers from the Ortenau got together with the aim of commemorating this event every vintage with a special Riesling bottling. There are a number of quality criteria that the wines have to meet in order to be able to carry the Klingelberg 1782 label. The first vintage was 2008. Currently, the annual production of Klingelberger 1782 Riesling is about 1000 cases.

At the award ceremony, we had the chance to taste the 2014 vintage Klingelberger 1782 of all members.

Pictures: Klingelberger 1782 Wines

Members of the Klingelberger 1782 Association

Weingut Markgraf von Baden - Schloss Staufenberg, Durbach
Durbacher Winzergenossenschaft eG, Durbach
Weingut Andreas Laible, Durbach
Weingut Andreas Männle. Durbach
Weingut Heinrich Männle, Durbach
Weingut Graf Wolff Metternich, Durbach
Weingut Schwörer, Durbach
Weingut Vollmer, Durbach
Oberkircher Winzer eG, Oberkirch
Zeller Abtsberg Winzer, Offenburg Zell-Weierbach
Weingut Schloss Ortenberg, Ortenberg
Winzerkeller Hex vom Dasenstein eG, Kappelrodeck

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