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Wine Harvest 2021 in Germany (Derek Vinnicombe)

Picture: Derek Vinnicombe, Barbara Rundquist, (Former) Owner, Weingut Wwe. Dr. H. Thanisch - Erben Mueller-Burggraef, and Christian Schiller at Lyon Hall, Washington DC/ Arlington
Picture: Annette Schiller and Derek Vinnicombe in Mainz/ Germany. See: Rheinhessen Cru Wines (Lagenweine) 2014 Tasting in Mainz, Germany 
Derek Vinnicombe is a wine broker and US importer of German wine, well known in the German wine cercles in the USA. He regularly comes to the USA with a group of winemakers belonging to his portfolio. The last time I met him in the Washington DC area was in early 2019 at a massive portfolio tasting that took place at Arrowine of Doug Rosen in Arlington/ Virginia.

A few days ago, Derek published an excellent 2021 harvest report, including pictures. I am grateful to Derek to be able to share his report on schiller-wine. 
Hope to see you and your winemakers soon in the Washington DC area.

Harvest 2021 in Germany (Derek Vinnicombe)
Despite Covid and many other unwelcome issues, the wonder of Mother Nature has blesssed us again, and the cellars are filling with the new 2021 crop. Everything was different this year compared to the past 3 vintages, from no rainfall to too much rainfall & moisture this year which confronted the producers with no end of vineyard work. 
Despite all problems, luck was on our side with a later than usual bud-break end of April so that the vines did not suffer from the coldest April weather on record over the past 40 years. Other parts of Europe were not so lucky....
Flowering started mid June under ideal conditions, thus allowing the grapes 100+ days of hang-time for growth, and thus able to attain physiological ripeness. Widespread mildew became the main problem, but no serious hail damage. 
Compared to the 2020 harvest with 100% healthy fully-ripened grapes, the 2021 crop is certainly “one notch down“, but nonetheless much better than expected, also thanks to ideal weather with cool nights these past 2 weeks. Harvesting along the Rhine, Nahe & Main river valleys has almost been completed, with the main harvest in the Mosel valley now “in full swing“, and the coolest Saar & Ruwer valleys only now starting to harvest Riesling. 
Perhaps the 2021 will even evolve to show similarities to the fine 2001 vintage. We can certainly expect wines with fine concentration of flavours, good aromatics, a solid structure with crisp acidity, and slightly lower in alcohol than previous powerful vintages. Wines which will certainly find new and old friends.
Here are Derek`s pictures, including comments.
Welcome to Riesling & friends along the Rhine valley, from Nackenheim towards Nierstein (4 April 2021).

No early bud-break, escaping the extremely cold April weather (9 April 2021) 

Bud-break 2 May 2021 in the Rhine valley

Good growth progress with the new shoots starting to grow (20 May 2021)

Flowering already successfully completed along the Rhine valley, berries starting to swell (27 June 2021) 

Riesling grapes making good progress (26 Aug. 2021)

The end.... physiologically ripe brown Riesling pips (seeds) after pressing (12 October 2021). Countless thousands after just one pressing, but not one single pip damaged thanks to gentle pressing.

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