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Germany's Best Sparkling Wines: TOP-30 Sekt Deutschland - 3. Sekt-Cup Gourmetwelten, Berlin, 2023

Picture: Volker Raumland, Annette Schiller and Christian Schiller at Rohkost 23. See: Ultra-premium Sekt: "Rohkost 2023" with 28 German Elite Producers of Sparkling Wine, Bensheim, Germany

Master of Wine Anne Krebiehl recently pointed to three revolutions in terms of German wine: "People forget the doldrums of German wine, especially from about 1985 to 1995. If you were cool in Germany then, you didn’t drink German wine. But it has changed this century. It happened with dry Riesling first, then Pinot’, she said, adding about German sparkling wine, ‘and now it’s finally happening with Sekt."

First, dry Riesling, then Pinot Noir and now Sekt.

Recently, a jury of 5 Sekt-experts tasted the best German sparkling wines at the China Club in Berlin. The jury consisted of: Yvonne Heistermann (Präsidentin Sommelier­ Union Deutschland), Oliver Lausberg (CHINA CLUB BERLIN), Ben Weidenberg (GRACE), Anton Stefanov (Take Time for Wine) and Nikolas Rechenberg (Herausgeber GOURMETWELTEN). This was a blind tasting using the 100-point scale.

We have visited many of the listed Sekt producers on a recent Germany tour by ombiasy WineTours.

TOP-30 Sekt Deutschland - 3. Sekt-Cup Gourmetwelten

Raumland 2014 Pinot Kirchenstück Réserve - Brut Nature 95,8

Pictures: Tasting at Sekthaus Raumland with Heide-Rose and Volker Raumland. See: Tasting at Sekthaus Raumland in Flörsheim-Dalsheim, Rheinhessen, with Heide-Rose and Volker Raumland - Germany-South and Alsace 2017 Tour by ombiasy WineTours

Frank John 2012 Riesling Brut 100 - 100 Monate Hefelager 95,3

Postings: Tasting in the Courtyard and Cellar Tour with Frank John at Weingut Frank John in Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Pfalz - Germany-South and Alsace 2022 by ombiasy WineTours

Weingut Hörner 2010 MARIAGE Réserve Cuvée 120 Monate 94,8 

Jülg 2015 Chardonnay extra brut Chardonnay 94,8

Pictures: Weingut Jülg (VDP): Lunch in the Wine Tavern with Karin and Werner Jülg and Tasting in the Vineyard with Johannes Jülg - Germany-South and Alsace 2022 by ombiasy WineTours

Aldinger 2016 Brut Nature 2016 Cuvée 5 Jahre Hefelager 94,3

Pictures: Matthias Aldinger, Weingut Aldinger with Gert Aldinger and Karl Eugen Erbgraf zu Neipperg, Weingut Des Grafen Neipperg. Matthias and his brother Hansjörg Aldinger are the 2017 Falstaff Newcomers of the Year. See: Best German Winemakers - Falstaff Deutschland Wine Trophies 2017

SM SektManufaktur 2018 Chardonnay Barrique 94,3 

Raumland 2010 Blanc de Blancs Grande Réserve - Extra Brut 94,0 

Schloss Sommerhausen 2017 avec pläsier - Le Grand Riesling 93,8 

Raumland 2014 Blanc de Blancs Réserve - Extra Brut 93,8 

Schloss VAUX 2018 Erbacher Marcobrunn Riesling 93,5 

Raumland 2014 Chardonnay Réserve - Brut 93,5 

Sektkellerei Reinecker Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut Chardonnay 93,3 

Raumland 2014 XIV. Triumvirat Grande Cuvée 93,0 

Gut Hermannsberg 2016 Riesling Sekt Extra Brut 93,0 

Picture: Tour and Tasting at Weingut Gut Hermannsberg in Niederhausen, Nahe – Germany-North Tour by ombiasy WineTours (2015)

Weingut Fogt 2020 Crémant Brut Nature Cuvée 92,8 

Schloss Sommerhausen 2017 avec pläsier - La Grande Cuvée 92,8 

Sektkellerei Reinecker Cuvée Réserve Extra Brut 92,5 

Horst Sauer 2021 Silvaner Sekt b. A. brut 92,5 

Picture: Annette Schiller and Horst Sauer. See: Vineyard Tour and Tasting at Weingut Horst Sauer in Eschendorf, Franken, with Horst Sauer - Germany-East Tour 2017 by ombiasy WineTours

Winterling 2019 Riesling Brut 92,5 

Frank John 2017 Riesling Brut 50 Riesling - 50 Monate Hefelager 92,5 

Schloss VAUX 2016 Rheingau Réserve Riesling 92,5 

Braunewell 2014 Grande Année brut nature Cuvée 92,5 

Wackerbarth 2020 Riesling brut 92,3 

Pictures: Tour and Tasting at Sächsisches Staatsweingut Schloss Wackerbarth in Radebeul, Sachsen - Germany "From Berlin to Frankfurt" 2023 (Saale Unstrut, Sachsen, Franken, Württemberg) by ombiasy WineTours 

Künstler 2019 Riesling brut 92,3 

Pictures: Annette Schiller and Gunter Künstler at Weingut Künstler. See: 40th Anniversary of the Weinfreundeskreis Hochheim, Rheingau, Germany

Weingut Stern 2018 Grande Cuvée Sekt *** brut 92,3 

Sektgut Barth 2018 SCHÜTZENHAUS RIESLING brut nature 92,0 

Picture: Tour and Wine Tasting with Lunch, with Mark Barth at Wein- und Sektgut Barth in Hattenheim, Rheingau – Germany-North Tour by ombiasy WineTours (2015)

SM SektManufaktur 2019 Pinot Blanc de Noirs 92,0 

Schloss VAUX 2019 Blanc de Blancs Réserve 92,0 

Bamberger 2017 Riesling brut nature 92,0 

Wageck 2015 Cuvée Sekt extra brut 92,0

3. Sekt-Cup Gourmetwelten, Berlin, 2023

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